Max Quest - Mission: Amazon Slots

Max Quest- Mission Amazon slots are far from a classic slots game and quite different from a video slots game. This very colorful interactive slots game by Betsoft is more of a battlefield than anything else and should be treated as such. There are five levels to the game, and players embark on the first level fighting their way through the levels, collecting treasures and earning payouts. Through online and mobile access players can try out the game and enjoy the fun aspect before placing real money coin bets.

Betting Options In the No Payline Slots Game

Since Max Quest- Mission Amazon slots is such an unusual game, players do not have set paylines to bet on but rather scenes or levels. The maximum number of coins possible is 500 per bet, and using a selection of coin sizes, players work their way through different bets and winning choices with the chance to win as much as 6000x the bet placed. The overall return to player is 97.5%, which is very high for any slots game, especially the Betsoft games.

How to Play Max Quest- Mission Amazan Slots

The game starts with players picking a room. Each room has a different value and coin size, so the choice is somewhat dependent on the player's budget. In the room, the player is invited to tap on other targets and try to hit them with the ammunition stock that he has in place. He can also buy extra ammunition with the option of crates filled with random weapons. There are artillery strikes, flame throwers, lasers, plasma rifles, machine guns, pistols, and shotguns. Winning a level by defeating the enemy enables the player to move up a level. Three objects need to be collected in each level, and these are the key to the bonus multiplying payouts. Max Quest- Mission Amazon is much more of an interactive arcade game than a slots game offering more action with high payout promises.