Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

Online casino enthusiasts who appreciate the fine games developed by the team at Betsoft will be excited to learn that one of the company’s latest releases, Fruit Bat Crazy Slots, bring a unique blend of traditional and modern entertainment to the reels. 3D graphics and the fascinating, new Liquid Cascade Feature come together with the potential for up to 200 free spins and massive prizes to create a tremendously entertaining slot that every player is going to love.

Getting to Know Betsoft

While developer Betsoft was initially launched 20 years ago, the company as it’s now known started making a splash in the online entertainment industry in 2006; the years that followed can be organized into a timeline of both major and minor successes, culminating with a number of recent awards, including G2E Asia’s “Best B2B Digital Platform and Software” award and a nomination for the best “B2B Digital Product Solution” for the widely popular Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped slot game. Betsoft is also responsible for the entertaining Slots3 Series, which brought truly cinematic games to the reels, and the company was at the forefront of both mobile casino entertainment and moving from flash to HTML5. With a proud, long and strong history like the one credited to Betsoft, it’s clear to see why gamblers flock to games like Fruit Bat Crazy Slots.

Playing the Fruit Bat Crazy Demo

Slot players who are wondering where they can check out Betsoft’s Fruit Bat Crazy Slots without having to register at a casino can conveniently access the game on the developer’s website. Providing the opportunity to experience the action quickly, easily and for free, Betsoft makes a demo version of every slot available to anyone who happens to stop by for a look at the company’s gaming portfolio. Of course, demo versions of Fruit Bat Crazy are available elsewhere on the web, although such sites tend to have longer load times than the demo on the Betsoft page. Either way, however, demos are a fantastic way to learn more about virtually any slot title out there.

Featuring a Traditional Fruit Theme

Fruit Bat Crazy Slots features a fruit theme, which is one of the oldest slot themes that gamblers will encounter. With icons depicting the typical produce, including cherries, oranges, plums and watermelons in addition to sevens and bells, players will undoubtedly hearken back to the days of the original slot games. Of course, Fruit Bat Crazy has a couple of other important symbols that must be addressed, including both diamonds and the fruit bat itself. The diamond icons are wild in Fruit Bat Crazy, and these substitute for any symbol needed to create a winning combination on the reels with the exception of the scatter, which is depicted by the fruit bat and offers some pretty nice payouts in addition to triggering the free spins feature in the game.

Classifying the Game

Experienced online casino gamblers will be excited to learn that Fruit Bat Crazy is a 5-reel bonus video slot that features 243 lines and the opportunity to score some incredible wins on its five reels. While the game isn’t attached to a progressive jackpot, gamblers can still look forward to landing amazing payouts at every bet level.

Understanding Paylines and the Reading the Paytable

Many slots offer gamblers the chance to wager on each line individually, although this practice is far less frequent than it used to be. Newer games tend to trend toward offering a total bet value that covers every line in the game rather than allowing players to choose a coin size and the number of lines they wish to cover. In Fruit Bat Crazy Slots, gamers will select a bet to cover all of the title’s 243 paylines, but we’ll get to that in the next section.

The paytable in Fruit Bat Crazy Slots is among the most important parts of the game, as it provides players with not just the payouts for specific combinations, but information on triggering the bonus round, the rules of the game and details about the mysterious Liquid Cascade Feature that could land the luckiest gamblers with some noteworthy prizes. The paytable in Fruit Bat Crazy and many of Betsoft’s other titles may be found beneath the reels on the left hand side of the screen next to the audio controls. Tap or click on the lowercase “I” to access the paytable.

Real-Money Wagers in Fruit Bat Crazy

After checking out the demo version of Fruit Bat Crazy Slots, many gamblers begin to think about wagering real cash on the game so that they’re eligible to take home some of the great prizes available in the title. As previously mentioned, placing bets in Fruit Bat Crazy Slots means covering all of the game’s 243 paylines, which means the value selected at the bottom of the game screen will be the amount of the total bet being placed on each spin of the reels. Bet sizes in the game range from a modest $0.04 to a somewhat large $40 per spin.

Bonuses, Free Spins and Doubling Up on Wins

  • The Liquid Cascade Feature is among the most exciting things about Fruit Bat Crazy, and it functions similarly to the cascade features in other games that remove winning combinations to replace them with additional symbols, and hopefully even more wins. What sets Betsoft’s Liquid Cascades apart from other cascading icons is the fact that wins are removed from the screen combo by combo, rather than as a group; starting with the smallest combo and removing them one at a time until only the largest win remains creates the potential to turn that large win into one that is even bigger. Perhaps the feature that has the potential to increase prizes in the round is the fact that the wilds stick where they land until no more cascading wins are available. When playing the demo version of the game, we saw this feature in action several different times; the highest number of cascades in the base game was five in our experience.
  • The free spins round is where gamblers will see the most bonus action, as the Liquid Cascades Feature is still active while it’s being played. The fruit bats on the reels serve as the scatter icon in the game and at least two will offer a payout while three or more launches the free spins feature. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine fruit bats anywhere on the reels will trigger 10, 12, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 free games, respectively; the payouts for these combinations run from $12 to $100 at the game’s highest bet. Players who land 10, 11, 12, or 13 scattered fruit bats will see 70, 80, 90 or 100 free spins, respectively, and payouts for these scatters fall between $200 and $600 at the game’s highest bet. Finally, 14 or 15 fruit bat symbols will award 120 or 200 free spins and payouts of $1,000 or $2,000 when making the top wager. Although 14 or 15 fruit bats on a set of 3x5 reels with a total of 15 pay spots are unlikely combinations, they are possible, and they pay off majorly. Like other recently released slot titles from Betsoft, gamblers who want to buy themselves a trip to the bonus round rather than waiting for it to trigger randomly can purchase 20 free spins at the games highest wager for $696. If the price is a little steep for a particular player’s taste, he or she will see it lower throughout the game when gold coins appear on the reels; this makes it possible to receive those 20 free games for a lower price, as each coin lowers the cost. Should the cost of the buy feature sink to zero, the round will trigger automatically.
  • The Double Up Game is a great way for true gamblers to increase the value of their prizes in Fruit Bat Crazy Slots. Offering users the chance to participate in a basic coin flip and requiring them to correctly determine whether the outcome will be heads or tails, this is an awesome way to seriously up a bankroll; just use caution, as the odds on any coin toss are never better than 50/50.

Fruit Bat Crazy RTP, Ratings and Examples of Wins

The return-to-player, more casually referred to as the RTP, is the percentage of funds wagered a slot game that are returned to bettors in the form of payouts. For instance, the RTP in Fruit Bat Crazy is 95.22 percent, which means out of every $100 cumulatively wagered on the game, players will see a return of $95.22. These are averages, of course, and not the amount that any given gambler will see each time he or she wagers $100; simply put, these numbers reflect users as a group, rather than as individuals.

Fruit Bat Crazy Slots wasn’t released until March 22, 2019, which means that the game hasn’t had much time to gain a following among players. Currently only moderately popular, the title has the potential to pick up a huge group of fans...particularly among the gamblers who have had the opportunity to see how rapidly prizes can accumulate between the Liquid Cascades and the Free Spins Features.

Reports of actual, real-money winners largely haven’t surfaced on the web yet, but to give our readers an idea of the game’s potential, we spent some time with the demo and recorded some stats that may prove informative to current players and future big winners. These details are based on the game’s highest wager, a starting point of 1,000 credits and 100 spins on autoplay, which functioned smoothly and rapidly.
  • We triggered the Liquid Cascades roughly every four or five spins with the highest number of cascades during a single, base-game spin coming in at five. The largest number of completed spins without a win was 10.
  • The Free Spins Feature was initiated twice, each time providing 10 free games for a total of three scattered fruit bats per round triggered. The first round of free spins offered us a modest prize that was roughly 5x the triggering bet, while the second came in at nearly 24x the triggering bet; the major difference was the number of cascades completed in the rounds. The largest number of cascades in a single free spin was nine.
  • As mentioned above, we started with 1,000 credits and completed 100 free games. At the end of those free games, which were played at the highest-possible wager, we saw an increase of more than 50 percent of our credits overall. Again, these stats are merely a reflection of our demo experience, provided to help readers decide if this is the game for them.

Getting Started in Fruit Bat Crazy Slots

If you’re ready to check out the amazing wins and exciting action on the reels in Fruit Bat Crazy Slots, remember than the game can be enjoyed both for free or for real money; many players opt to experience the title in fun mode before moving on to place their own wagers, and hopefully take home their own wins. Gamblers also should know that Fruit Bat Crazy is available for mobile Android and iOS devices. In fact, the game is among the first created using Betsoft’s Switch 2.0, which allows enhanced audio and rapid transitions that keep the animation and graphics constant, regardless of a device’s processor or internet speed. With all of the features described here and plenty of thrills and action on the reels, it’s obvious that Fruit Bat Crazy is likely to quickly gain in popularity.