Partial Cashout Feature in Slots?

The partial cashout is a new feature in online sports betting at a select few UK and European online bookmakers, but could it soon be a feature for slots players too? A partial cashout in sports betting allows you to take a percentage of your win mid game, and leave the rest riding on the end result and it's proven to be a popular feature with many sports bettors, but could it become a popular slots feature too? Well we could soon find out as the very first partial cashout slot has been launched at Sky Vegas Casino.

In conjunction with Colossus Bets and Core Gaming, the new Colossus Frackpot slot allows players to collect a part or all of the winnings mid spin, meaning that as the reels turn you can take some of the winnings, leave it spin and hope for the best, or take a percentage of the win and leave some to chance. It's a feature that works well with sports, and at Sky Vegas casino, they're hoping that slots players are about to embrace it too. Only available when spinning for the jackpot prize the partial cashout option is being seen a hugely innovative, and indeed, it's the first real new slots feature we've seen for a while.

There have of course been plenty of developments as far as new bonus rounds that offer a different take on freespins, and pick em features with several bonus rounds incorporated into the game, but there has been nothing like a part cashout option developed before. It's new territory and it'll be interesting to see if any of the major US slots development companies take a closer look at this type of feature. Imagine spinning your favorite progressive slot in an RTG online casino and being offered the chance to take a little, or risk it and spin for the real big win...tough call, and maybe soon it'll be a call that you're asked to make!