Free spins on Metal Casino

Metal Casino and Ozzy Osbourne are planning a large promotion of the online casino in 2018. This will include several social media ad spots starring Ozzy himself, giveaways of signed memorabilia and the promotion will climax over the summer in conjunction with Ozzy’s Summer Tour. As part owner in this casino venture, Ozzy takes time to reminisce on the rock exploits of not only himself, but other rockers, some of whom are featured in online slot titles.

Ozzy Shares Memories of the Metal Days

Earlier this year in California, Ozzy recorded a half-hour interview playing the slot titles based on Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead while sharing stories of Slash, Jimi and especially Lemmy who went on many crazy casino trips with the Godfather of Metal himself. The interview is to be divided into five promo spots to be shown on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and others social media networks.

Metal Casino Founder Excited

Clas Dahlen, the creator of Metal Casino is excited about the promotional plans. “The recordings with the quick, witty and super-professional Ozzy became an epic rock documentary with elements of casino gaming” he said. “The interviews will be a perfect vehicle for reaching out to music and gaming fans. Metalheads will be wowed by Ozzy’s personal memories from the history of rock that have never been told before.”

Metal Casino’s Live Streams

The casino will have live streams on Wednesday and Friday, and casino personnel believe that these will create an influx of metalheads to the online casino. The casino has had successful promotions with the Swedish King of Rock Dregen, David Ellefson of MegaDeth and Scott Ian of Anthrax but believes that the promos with Ozzy will go viral and give the casino a large amount of good publicity.

Ozzy to Promote Casino During Tour

Ozzy Osbourne has a tour scheduled for this spring and summer; he plans to use his tour stops to promote the online casino. Ozzy, as part owner in the venture, truly wants metalheads that play at online casinos to play at Metal Casino. Additionally, Metal Casino was created to provide a gaming option for fans of heavy metal music in hopes that they would feel like a part of the community created at the gaming establishment. Interestingly, and perhaps surprisingly, it seems like the casino is succeeding at exactly what it set out to do.