Miami Club and Red Stag Hosting Month-Long Tournaments

The holidays are now a distant memory and many slot players have settled in for what is a long and cold time of the year; Miami Club and Red Stag Casino are giving their players something to pass the time when it is too cold for outdoor activities. Both casinos are hosting slot tournaments for the month of January with little to no cost for players at the casinos; Miami Club is running the Outlaws & Wild Mustangs Freeroll and Red Stag is hosting a low buy-in tournament with a substantial prize pool. Bettors who play at these casinos will want to get in on the action, as tournaments are a great way to enjoy a favorite slot game or any title for an extended period of time with little or no investment of a player's bankroll.

The Outlaws & Mustangs Freeroll

The Outlaws & Mustangs Freeroll is being offered at Red Stag Casino during the month of January; registered players at the site are eligible to play for no initial cost. The tournament is being held on Beat the Bank Slots, one of the casino's more popular slot titles. The initial cost of the tournament is free, but contestants can increase their chances of winning the tournament using the re-buy option of $2.99; there is no limit to the number of rebuys a player can purchase and use in this tournament. The competition only pays for first place but that one lucky bettor will walk away with $2,500, making this a tourney that players will not want to miss.

Miami Club's Month-Long Tournament

Miami Club's competition for the month of January is not a freeroll, but a $5 initial buy-in is still affordable to most players at the casino and competitors can increase their chances of winning with a $5 re-buy. Players will be competing on a long-time favorite title, Funky Chicken Slots for a shot at the $2,500 first place money and a total prize pool of $5,000. Miami Club's monthly tournaments have become a favorite of many who wager at the casino and have become a staple at the gaming establishment.

Two New Titles at Mobile Casinos

The mobile casinos at Miami Club and Red Stag are also premiering two new slot games for the month of January. Solomon's Mines and La Fiesta Slots will be available as mobile options at both casinos for players who enjoy spinning the reels on their mobile devices. Mobile gaming is great for bettors who are away from home for long periods of time and can be enjoyed on a smart phone with a 4G or Wi-Fi connection. Red Stag and Miami Club both have extensive mobile options; interested players should check with the casinos for a full list of choices.

Tourneys are a Great Option

Freerolls and low-cost tournaments are a great way for those who love to spin the reels to enjoy their favorite pastime as it increases the time played on a small amount of bankroll. There is also the chance of finishing in the money and that can expand a bankroll a considerable amount, giving bettors a bigger chance at that favorite progressive slot or table game. Miami Club and Red Stag have more to offer than affordable slot tournaments and players should check out both casinos to see how they can enhance their online wagering experience.