Daily Tournaments at Lincoln Casino

If there is one thing Lincoln Casino should be known for, it is the huge - and we mean huge - collection of tournaments going on whenever you visit. Some casinos don't have any tournaments, while others only have the occasional one. That's not true of Lincoln Casino though. Here, you'll get the chance to enter a tournament every day, and possibly more than one, too.

The daily tournaments are a great place to start. We've come up with three things you should know about them before you begin.

Many tournaments feature a slot game

You might find the odd tourney featuring another game, such as keno, but mostly each one focuses on just one slot. This is a great way to discover some new slots you haven't tried before. And if you have a favorite or two, well… you might find they are chosen as one of the daily slot tournaments you could enter. Why not do so to give yourself some more winning chances?

Many are free to enter

Watch out for the Free Game of the Day Tournaments. There is one every day, as the name suggests, and it begins at the start of the day and ends at the end. So, you never need to wait too long to find out who has won prizes.

Even those games that aren't free will only cost a few dollars to enter. We spotted some that were just $3 apiece, which is more than affordable for most players.

Many have a $100 prize pool, and possibly more

The daily free tournaments at Lincoln Casino each offer a prize pool worth $100. That's an additional prize-winning chance on top of whatever you might win by playing that slot game with real bets anyway. It makes sense to enter the daily tourney here if you like playing slots.

When you enter a daily tournament that requires a buy-in, you'll usually find the prize pool is the pot. This is the total brought in by the people who pay to enter the tournament, so it could go way higher than the $100 seen in the free tourneys.

As you can see, there are some great reasons to try your luck with some tournaments at Lincoln Casino. While they do have weekly and monthly events as well, the daily ones are a great place to begin. How many will you enter this month?