Star Wars: The Force Awakens

As the Star Wars faithful gather in euphoria over "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," there is no need for you to venture into a galaxy far away, so put down the popcorn and forget about the latest Star Wars movie that was just released, its time for you to go on your own adventure with Star Slots.

About Star Slots

Powered by Arrow's Edge, "Star Slots" is a 5 reel affair with 10 paylines. Featuring an intergalactic battle on the virtual screen, "Star Slots" offers players lucrative bonuses with high wilds, multipliers, free spins and a Double Up bonus round. Expect to win big considering that winnings can go as high as a 1000 coins. Featuring both humans and aliens, the characters in this game include, Korbont, Lance, Tobias, Crystaley and others. Lance is the wild symbol and thus will increase your winnings based on the amount you land. Tobias represents the bonus symbol, and believe me, this game is about the bonuses. The graphics are crisp, highly detailed and even features space ships.

The Bonuses

A unique feature of "Star Slots" is the ability of different characters to provide different bonuses. While Lance is the general wild symbol, landing three or more of the Crystaley character will net you 10 free spins, and if you net that character along with Lance three times, its possible to end up with 30 free spins. Again abundance is the name of the game here. Landing 3 Tobiases' will commence the Training Scene Round. Other rounds include Fighting and Space Battle. In each bonus, players must finish different assignments to win prizes and cash. Landing the wild symbol in the bonus rounds will multiple winnings by 3 times. And speaking of multipliers, landing a single Lance symbol will multiple your winnings by one, but landing two Lances will not only double your winnings but reward you with 20 free spins. And as you already know, landing three Lances with award you 30 free spins and increase your winnings 3 times.

Not to be overlooked is the Double Up component. After every successful win, you have the option of doubling up. Simply click the double up button and play the mini game. Even better is the ability to double up infinitely. There is a progressive jackpot that can be hit at complete random. Shall we say, may the force be with you? "Star Slots" can be played instantly online as well as enjoyed on mobile, smart devices.