Betsoft Releases Birds! Slots

Betsoft Gaming, known for creating a stunning line of 3D slots called Slots3™, have added the latest addition to this collection - Birds!.

As the name suggests, birds make up the symbols in this game while telephone wires act as reels. And what truly makes Birds! unique is how birds that form winning combinations fly away, allowing others to settle in their place. This creates a cascading effect that helps you form more winning payouts within the same turn. Now that we've discussed the basics, let's discuss what else you can expect from Betsoft's latest game.

Great Graphics

Aside from having a unique cascading reels feature, Birds! also offers stellar graphics and design. The game is set above a busy, colorful town that really enhances the action as you spin the reels. You'll also see 11 cute and stylish birds that are all different from each other in their own ways. The Wild symbol bird is especially noticeable, and it will substitute for other symbols to help you form winning combinations.

Birds! Slots Bonus

Every winning flight of birds helps fill a meter on the left side of the game screen. Once this meter reaches the fourth (highest) level, you'll earn 8 free spins. And you can collect more winning spins based on how many consecutive winning combos you get while playing. During these free spins (a.k.a. Free Flights), any combination of 3 or more birds will earn you a win. And there's the potential for these to be unlimited free spins if you can keep getting cascading winning paylines.

Also note that you can activate the Double Up feature following any win during the regular game, which gives you a 50/50 shot to double your winnings.

Fun takes Flight

Stephen Jackman, Betsoft's Head of Product Development, is extremely pleased with what his designers produced in Birds! slots.

"The artists have cultivated an enjoyable, extremely friendly atmosphere in our new Slots3™ title BIRDS!," said Jackman. "With a plucky soundtrack and some of the most adorable characters we've ever created, this game is a true delight to the senses and introduces an innovative reel mechanic that we are proud to share with the iGaming industry and community of players."

More on Betsoft

Established in 1999 and entering the iGaming world in 2008, Betsoft Gaming has become an industry leader in true 3D cinematic gaming. They've already developed over 180 stellar slots, including their renowned Slots3™ series. Birds! is the latest addition to this series, which was already groundbreaking enough. Now, Birds! and its telephone-wire, cascading reels only look to enhance the Slots3™ series even more.

What's nice is that you can find Birds! at many online casinos, including US-friendly operations. So we highly suggest that you begin checking out your favorite internet casinos to find Birds! slots.