Birds! Slots

It's not hard to figure out what Betsoft's Birds! slots is about since the title says it all. However, this isn't just any bird game because it uses telephone lines and flying birds to create a revolutionary, cascading reels effect.

In other words, the lines serve as reels/paylines while the birds simply fly off and on the screen, rather than traditional spinning symbols. If you're interested in seeing more on this completely unique game, keep reading as we discuss Birds! symbols, graphics, features and mobile play.

Symbols and Theme

The game title doesn't lie because the only type of symbols that you see in this slot are birds. However, each bird has its own unique characteristics that sets it apart from the rest. For example, one has its head feathers tied in pigtails, another wears headphones and one bird wears an army beret. The most-important of the 11 symbols is the multi-colored bird, which is wild and substitutes for all other birds to help create winning combinations.

Expanding on the theme, this game takes place in different settings. The first time we played, our background was a small park in the city, with green grass, a bridge, water, bushes and skyscrapers behind the reels.

The second time we played, a small town was shown in the background, with colorful buildings, a large hill and a church all visible. In both cases, these pleasant backgrounds and quality graphics definitely enhanced our playing experience.

As for betting options, you must play all 25 paylines, and $0.02 is the lowest bet per line. So this makes the minimum wager worth $0.50 per spin.

Birds! Slots Features

As mentioned before, this game features cascading reels, meaning birds fly off when they form winning combinations. The birds above them then drop down and new birds take their place, allowing you to form extra winning paylines.

You'll notice that there's a Free Flights Meter on the left side of the telephone lines. Every time that you hit an extra payout (flight) thanks to the cascading reels, this meter fills up a little bit. If you get 4 or more straight payouts, the meter fills to the top and awards you with free spins.

Netting four straight flights earns you 8 free spins, five flights equals 12 free spins, six flights equals 20 flights, and seven flights nets you 14 free spins plus all of your triggering flights. Given that you can keep earning extra spins, these free spins are, in theory, unlimited. But the odds are that you'll run out of flights before you net more free spins.

Birds! Slots Mobile

Looking to take Birds! on the go with you? Then you'll be happy to know that it's available through Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps.

In closing, Birds! slots is a fresh take on the typical drill of spinning slots reels over and over. In this game, you instead watch birds fly off and onto the screen, which keeps things a little more interesting. You should also appreciate the detailed backgrounds and how you get to see different ones. About the only complaint we have here is the $0.50 per spin cost. However, this can be justified by the fact that you win more often thanks to the cascading reels.