Weekend in Vegas Slots

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that pretty much sums up the theme of this new Betsoft online slot. Weekend in Vegas is now live in the best Betsoft online casinos and the beauty of this new slots release is that no matter whether you enjoy getting your slots action on your PC or on your mobile device then you’ll have no trouble at all enjoying this newbie, as the tandem launch means that Weekend in Vegas mobile slots has been made available as part of the superb Betsoft ToGo mobile slots series.

If you’ve ever watched the hilarious Hollywood blockbuster of The Hangover then you’ll get the jist of what Weekend in Vegas is all about. The three main characters on the reels are off to Vegas for their very own shot at the big time and in the awesome bonus round you’ll get to see the guys trying their luck. Each character has their very own way of playing, while one will take the cautious approach, one is willing to risk it a little, while the third character really wants to go for the big wins, and it’s up to you to capitalize on their playing styles.

Other great Weekend in Vegas slots features include multipliers, cool scatter wins and a superb and potentially high paying money wheel bonus round that can really boost your Vegas bankroll. There’s a very good chance a whole load of players will enjoy this great new slot and the fact that it’s been released as a mobile slot and on desktop right at the same time will only add more to its appeal. You can enjoy all of the action that Weekend in Vegas slots serves up in the best Betsoft casinos, and when you get your account registered and good to go, you will of course get a superb Betsoft slots welcome bonus.