Dolphin Awareness Month at Springbok Casino

Dolphins are much-loved creatures Around the World Slots and for the second time, South Africa's most popular online casino Springbok Casino is celebrating. The coastal waters of South Africa are the home of three species of dolphin and the casino finds it important to recognize this and to bring awareness to the dangers that many dolphins face on an almost daily basis. While the casino is offering a free spins promotion in connection with the event, the casino is also providing much-needed information about dolphins and what they bring to the oceans of the world.

More Than Just Playful Sea Dwellers

Most people see dolphins as playful denizens of the oceans and seas but they are much more than that. Dolphins are also the good Samaritans of the water, as they will rush to the aid of other creatures who are in trouble. Dolphins are also athletic, can be friends of many kinds of animals and even enjoy the occasional use of mood-altering substances. All this can be seen in several videos that the casino is sharing with visitors to the casino's website. Springbok is trying to bring awareness to the dangers that plague these lovable creatures that include commercial fishing and the growing pollution in the habitats of these wonderful creatures.

Qualified Players Can Receive 25 Free Spins

In celebration of these wonderful aquatic animals, Springbok Casino is offering players who qualify 25 free spins on the casino's new title Asgard Slots . To qualify for the bonus, players much have made a deposit at the casino within the last 30 days; new and inactive players can qualify for the promotion simply by making a qualifying deposit at the casino before requesting the free spins. Those who wish to take advantage of the promotion only need to use the code LOVE-DOLPHINS and the code is good until the end of Dolphin Awareness Month. The casino offers a long list of slot games by developer Realtime Gaming that bettors will recognize and other promotions that players may be able to take advantage of at the casino.

Casino Is Dedicated To Bringing Awareness

The casino's concern for the dolphin's plight shows not only in the videos and bonus but also by the words of casino manager Daniel van Wyck, "We have three types of Dolphins in our South African oceans. This is the second time we’ve paid tribute to them.They’re such wonderful creatures, and they’re so threatened by commercial fishing and pollution that we thought they deserved our support.” The casino staff feels that awareness of what is going on with these beautiful creatures is important and that the casino has the platform to do just that. Visitors to the casino can view the videos, take advantage of the free spins and see what Springbok Casino has to offer in both games and promotions.