Delaware Ready to Launch Online Gambling

Delaware have launched real money online gaming and is the first state in the US to offer more than just online poker. The soft launch took place on November 1st and the full blown open to everyone in the state launch is November 8th. The first week is a trial run with nothing but a handful of players being given access to the states online gambling sites which are operated by Delaware’s 3 racinos. The trial will hopefully be successful and it’s a free for all as of the 8th of the long as you reside in Delaware of course. There is no say as yet as to what games will actually be launched and while poker is a 100% yes and slots are likely there’s no news on whether other casino games such as blackjack and roulette will be given the green light, or whether residents of Delaware will have to wait a while for those.

Delaware’s Initial Online Gambling Goals

Delaware’s Financial Secretary Thomas Cook says that, “It is something that has to grow but we’re in a fiercely competitive environment here. This is just one more opportunity for entertainment.’’ However there first goal will be actually finding customers for the new venture and they’re hoping to attract a younger player than what is typical of their land based offerings. The racinos cater for the over 50’s and their online offshoots will be hoping to attract those between 28-35 who are not regulars at the 3 racinos.

There is some concern however that should the over 50’s take to the online side of things then that could cause a detrimental effect to the bigger picture, and only time will tell on that one. However, state officials are staying optimistic that by legalizing online gambling in the state they have made the right decision and one happy man is the Chief Executive of Dover Downs Hotel Ed Sutor who states that, "The Internet is part of everyday life. Some people do all their banking and stock transactions online. You are either going to get on the train or be left behind. We are going to get on the train.’’ Wise words.