Bank of America not Playing Ball with Online Casinos

In what could be quite a large blow for the fledgling regulated online gambling market in the US, the credit card issuers Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Co and American Express are not allowing transactions through to the new sites. There are three states in the US that now offer regulated US online gaming and the trio of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey have all reported issues. These credit card rejections threaten to hamper any immediate expectations that new online operators may have had and the reason being given for the declines is concerns of underage wagering and other violations.

Vernon Kirk, Director of the Delaware State Lottery who operate and oversee the new online gaming operation in the state has stated that players credit cards are being declined and that was backed up by Jim Barbee, the technology chief for the Gaming Control board of Nevada. Mr Barbee has said that the board is in contact with credit card companies attempting to find a resolution.

With online gaming in New Jersey just a few days old the full extent of the problem has not yet been divulged, however during the 5 day testing period very similar concerns were raised by those partaking the testing. When any credit card transaction is initiated it is indeed the issuer who has the final say in whether a success or a fail message is received by the user. These declines will indeed lead to a whole lot of frustration after a player on a new site has opened the account, verified that they are a) who they say they are and b) located in the state in which they wish to play online casino games then to fail at the final hurdle. For any kind of success to be had from this new venture then getting cash in and out is simply a must and has to be considered top priority by all concerned.