Jackpot Capital Adds Bitcoin - No Fees on Deposits/Cashouts

Jackpot Capital, one of the leading US online casinos, has added Bitcoin as one of its banking options. This is big news since Bitcoin is one of the easiest ways to make deposits and withdrawals for online casino players anywhere. But if you're unfamiliar with Bitcoin, keep reading to see more about this cryptocurrency and how it will benefit you when playing at Jackpot Capital.

What is Bitcoin?

Invented in 2008, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows people/businesses to make transactions without involving a central government or bank. This means nobody can control, freeze or regulate your monetary transactions, leaving you free to play online casino games without hassle.

This might also worry you into thinking that Bitcoin is somehow unsafe because the government doesn't play a role. But this is untrue because you can encrypt your wallet to prevent hackers or anybody else from ever accessing your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoins are made through an "open source network," where people "mine" (generate) for Bitcoins. To be a miner, you verify transactions and work out complicated math problems for the server; in turn, you'll be rewarded with Bitcoins for your work. Of course, most people don't like spending this amount of time on the matter, instead purchasing Bitcoins off a network.

What are the Benefits of Bitcoin?

As discussed above, Bitcoin doesn't involved central governments or banks. Instead, only a code is used to identify you, meaning that you and your transactions stay anonymous. Another great thing about Bitcoin is that the lack of third-party involvement means hackers can't just get into a company's database and steal your information/money.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that Bitcoin doesn't have any fees or chargebacks, which saves you money when making online casino transactions.

How to Use Bitcoin at Jackpot Capital

Before making a deposit at Jackpot Capital with Bitcoin, you'll want to register a Blockchain account (a.k.a. wallet). You can find other services that provide a Bitcoin wallet, but this is among the most common. Once you've completed this step and have your wallet, you can start receiving and sending Bitcoins.

To buy Bitcoins, look for Bitcoin ATMs (via eWallets or local sellers) and transfer them to your wallet. You can deposit Bitcoins to your eWallet using Neteller, Skrill or ECOPayz and start playing with Jackpot Capital Casino.

As for withdrawing money, log into your Jackpot Capital account, enter the amount that you want to cash out and your Bitcoin address, then the money transfers instantly. The minimum Bitcoin cashout is $100 while the maximum is $2,500. Best of all: you won't incur any fees on your Bitcoin withdrawals!

What Other Banking Options does Jackpot Capital Offer?

Okay, still not convinced that Bitcoin is the payment option for you? That's fine because Jackpot Capital offers a number of easy ways to make deposits and cashouts, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ECOPayz, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard and money transfer.

So as you can see, there are many different ways to play for real money at Jackpot Capital. But we'd still recommend trying Bitcoin because it's safe, anonymous, and doesn't involve any fees.