Intertops Casino Announces A $150,000 Casino Bonus Event

For those that enjoy Halloween, or for those that just like winning opportunities, Intertops Casino has just announced a special event that will run through October and until November 7, 2016.

This is not a typical casino bonus event. Instead, the online casino is really pulling out all the stops and offering a Halloween-themed Zombies in Las Vegas casino bonus special event. This is not a specific slot promotion or even a particular game promotion. Instead, it is designed to reward regular and loyal members of Intertops Casino as well as those that just hit the slots or the tables occasionally.

The Casino Bonus

According to the Intertops Casino manager, the goal is to recognize players of all levels and all frequencies throughout the duration of the event. This is a nice change for new or infrequent players that are often limited as to their participation in these types of promotions at other casinos.

All players need to do is play at the casino during the week. For those that are frequent players, there will be a special draw on Monday each week. For the Monday draws the frequent players will be eligible to win up to five hundred dollars each.

Top Players

This is not just to one or two players, but it will be for the top 300 frequent players each week during the bonus time frame. Again, the top 300 will be determined by total casino play, and there is no requirement to play specific slots or games to make the list.

To make it easy for players, the casino offers a Leaderboard. Players can check their position and see if they are moving up or down the rankings based on their play throughout the five weeks of the event.

Random Drawings

For players that don't make the frequent players list, every Thursday there will be drawings from among all players. These random drawings will have a range of different prizes that are also going to provide you with some great winning options. Each week on Thursday, 50 lucky players, as long as they have played that week, will win something special.

Finally, to make it even more interesting, the top 20 players each week will be entered in a final draw that will happen after the bonus casino event ends. This drawing will be for a $1000 cash prize, definitely something anyone can use for the upcoming holiday season.