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EZ Voucher

EZ VoucherEZ Voucher is a US online casino depositing method that allows you to make safe, secure and fast deposits into an online casino. An EZ Voucher is also known as Paste and Pay and functions in a similar way that a prepaid credit card does and is a great option that’s now available in a number of the very best US casinos. Not only does this method offer security and peace of mind, but it’s also so easy easy to use and it’s growing popularity means that it’s now the number one choice for many online slots and casino games players in the US.

While many players prefer to use major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard when making their deposit, it can at times be difficult to use this option as cards may be declined by your bank, due to certain restrictions in place, however with EZ Voucher there are no restrictions meaning that getting your money into the casino, allowing you to play real money casino games, is a simple task. While your credit card may function perfectly in the casino, there is a chance it may not, and that’s where EZ Voucher comes in,.

How to Use EZ Voucher in the Casino Cashier

In the cashier of great online casinos such as Miami Club, you’ll see that there is a ‘voucher’ option available. Please note that is may be called EZ Voucher or Paste and Pay Voucher - they are the exactly the same thing. You’ll see buttons in the casino cashier that state, ‘Purchase Voucher’ and also ‘Redeem Voucher’ and to get your hands on the voucher select the purchase option. Once you’ve clicked on that you are asked to follow a few very simple steps in order to obtain the voucher with the whole process taking no longer than just a few minutes of your time. You then simply redeem the voucher and you’re done.

As a prepaid system the funds become available instantly in your casino account, and you may only spend the amount of the voucher that you have purchased. The prepaid voucher methods such as EZ Voucher work well on so many levels, and as you can see, they function without attempting to fund with your credit card, they allow you to manage your spending limits and the fact that funds are approved instantly is perfect for an online slots or casino games player. There’s a lot to be said for the fact that so many players now use this method and while credit cards may still be the number one option, we can see EZ Voucher quite possibly catching up.

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