Casino Bonuses Rules - General Rules to Follow

There is no such thing as one rule for all but there are a number of general rules which apply for whichever casino you choose to play at and for most of the casino games that you choose to play. Whether you have chosen one of the top casinos that welcomes US players or one of the newer less known casinos you still must read up all of the rules and terms and conditions that apply when you start playing real money games at the casino. One of the most important areas to cover when reading the rules and terms and conditions has to be the bonuses. Casinos are very good at giving bonuses and know how to market them well so that they appear to be very attractive but when you do investigate further some of the bonuses are not as attractive as you may have first thought.

To help you understand the limitations and possibilities we've investigated the following online casino bonus rules in details:

Check the Sign up Bonus Rules before Committing

A sign up bonus is one that is awarded to new players when you become a new player at a casino. This sign up bonus offer can be given in a number of ways but usually it is as a percentage match to the first deposit you make. This all sounds very promising but make sure you read the small print where it will tell you what else is needed in order to call that money from the bonus as your own. Often a play through or what some casinos call a roll over is needed. This is the number of times you will need to bet the money awarded plus your deposit before you can call the money your own and also before you are able to withdraw it from your casino account. The play through requirements vary from 5x up to 50x the deposit plus bonus depending on what games you have chosen to play and at which casino. Also look out for the games which are covered by the bonus options. In many cases you cannot enjoy the benefits of the sign up bonus for Craps, Sic Bo, Baccarat and Roulette games so if these are your preferred games then it may not be worth your while taking the bonuses.

Rules are Not Made to Be Broken

One of the most stringent rules that there is when it comes to bonuses is the one household rule. You and your partner or other member of the family may both enjoy casino gaming but online casinos are very strict and do not offer bonus options for more than one household or computer. They check this through the registered address and IP addresses of the computers. Multiplayer games which are becoming more and more popular at online casinos are also not considered eligible for bonus offers given at casinos; the reason is self explanatory- how would they divide the bonus up amongst the players. Another important rule to remember and take note of when playing online casino games and making use of the bonuses offered is that you should not request a payout before you have completed the required play through. If you do request a payout before you have fulfilled all of the requirements then you will lose all of the bonus casino balance that is left. Simple as that. Rules are made to keep the casinos in order and the players and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. It is in your interest as much as the casinos to adhere to the rules that they advertise and make yourself aware of them.