BitcoinRush Casino

While online casino entertainment is generally easy to find, those who play at BitcoinRush Casino will be pleased to learn that their deposits and withdrawals can be made using the popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The betting portal features both casino games and a sportsbook, making it a great option for gamblers who love to wager.

Promotions and Banking

The promotions system at BitcoinRush Casino is actually quite unique; instead of offering conventional bonuses, the loyalty program is designed to make depositors very happy indeed. With just four levels, the Red, White, Black and Gold Tiers, players will find that they are automatically enrolled in the lowest level upon their registration with the casino. Promotion to the next level then awarded when depositors reach 20, 250 and 1,000 mBTC, respectively; each level boasts special offers, rewards and multipliers. The casino also offers every player a cashback option, and it is based on handle rather than wins or losses; this is an excellent for depositors to extend their entertainment budget, despite the lack of traditional promotions outside of the 4-tier loyalty program. Finally, BitcoinRush real-money players can keep an eye out for additional promotional opportunities by following the casino on Twitter, the blog and through email.

Because BitcoinRush Casino accepts deposits in the form of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, depositors never need to worry about how they can fund a real-money account at the gaming establishment. Bitcoin is also an excellent way for players to maintain the anonymity that some prefer when they are taking advantage of the entertainment available at online casinos.

Provably Fair Betting Options at BitcoinRush

The concept of ensuring that casino play is fair for everyone was once difficult, but those gaming at establishments working with Provably Fair, a 2012 concept that allows gamblers to verify the hands that they receive through a third party, can rest assured that the deck really isn’t stacked against them. BitcoinRush Casino offers several choices for gamblers who like to spend their time betting on table games.
  • Players will find that they can place wagers on blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker and Hi-Lo at BitcoinRush Casino. While the selection of games may seem somewhat slim to gamblers who really love variety, several of the most popular, classic types of casino play are represented in the titles that are available.
  • The sportsbook at BitcoinRush is also something that gamblers will get excited about. With a wide selection of contests on which they may wager, including those found in the NBA, NHL, college basketball, cricket, rugby, soccer and others, players will always find a sportsbook bet to satisfy their entertainment needs.

Customer Service is Readily Available

Those gamblers wagering at BitcoinRush Casino or in the sportsbook have access to customer service representative who will gladly answer their banking, technical and general questions. Players may contact customer service via email, which will be answered within 24 hours. Customers will also find an FAQ section under the “Help and Support” heading that will address some of the more common queries.

BitcoinRush is Waiting for You

If you’re ready to take advantage of the great casino games and sportsbook betting that is available at BitcoinRush, get started today by registering and making a deposit. Head to BitcoinRush now to get started on fantastic gaming.