Stake Casino

While there are online casinos by the score, the can quickly become predictable by offering the same games and similar bonuses as their closest competitors. However, one occasionally comes across an online gaming establishment that breaks all the rules. Providing users with unique forms of entertainment and the chance to cash in on an entirely new set of thrills, Stake Casino is worth visiting time and time again.

Proprietary Software Offers Original Games

The team at Stake Casino is certainly dedicated to providing players with some pretty spectacular entertainment experiences; in fact, rather than falling back on games designed by outside developers, Stake has instead created its own titles. While the gaming establishment doesn’t currently offers a great deal of games, those that are available seem to keep users more than satisfied. Learn more about the products of Stake’s in-house development team by checking it out for yourself today.

European and Canadian Players Welcome

Online casino enthusiasts from Canada and Europe are more than welcome to wager on the real money games at Stake. Gamblers who reside in the United States and Australia will, however, need to find another place to play as they cannot currently cash in on the fun on Stake Casino.

Real Money Play: Convenient and Affordable

Although online casino gamblers cannot play Stake’s selection of proprietary games as casually as they would be able to at other casinos, but those interested in real money play will have plenty of access. Want a casino that doesn’t force you to complete a lengthy registration process in order to wager? Stake has you covered. Simply create a username and password and you will be good to go.

An Unconventional Approach to Promotions

Regular bettors at Stake Casino will quickly realize that this is a gaming establishment that doesn’t exactly take a traditional approach to providing users with bonuses. Instead, gamblers may find contests, giveaways and even cross-promotional events with sister casino, Primedice. In sticking with its unconventional theme, users will also encounter a Bitcoin faucet at Stake Casino. Unfamiliar with the phrase? A Bitcoin faucet awards Satoshi, or a hundredth of a millionth of a Bitcoin, just for completing a daily activity or even a captcha on a website; of course, the website in question here is Stake Casino, and gamblers can cash in on this tiny offer once daily.

Casino Rewards are Available

While virtually everything about Stake Casino differs vastly from the norm, online casino gamblers will be pleased to discover that the gaming establishment does, in fact, offer rewards to its real money player. Claiming to offer the best rewards program out of all crypto casinos, gamblers can look forward to cashing in on some outrageously great perks as they move through VIP levels. Although such statements are fairly subjective, the fact that users can increase their rank through both betting and community participation suggest that Stake Casino does have something to brag about.

Perks in the reward program are fairly extensive, offering the most attractive benefits to those who gamblers who deposit, wager and play frequently. Users who fall into the highest ranks of the program can look forward to personalized VIP support, unrestricted rakeback claims, exclusive bonuses, special, individualized challenges, both digital and physical gifts and the promise of even better options in the future.

Cryptocurrencies Only, Please

As our readers have already undoubtedly noticed, Stake Casino accepts only cryptocurrencies when it comes to depositing into an account. Welcoming transactions via Bitcoin, Doge, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others, it’s clear that Stake is committed to remaining a casino that focuses entirely on digital currencies. With more than 100 forms of electronic currencies available, players can look forward to having the flexibility they need when the time comes to add money to their Stake Casino account; in fact, standard flat deposits aren’t even accepted at the gaming establishment. Using a cryptocurrency deeply enhances the security and privacy that players will enjoy at Stake, and deposits and withdrawals are instant, eschewing the tedious restrictions found at other casinos.

Stake Casino Facts Worth Knowing

Players at Stake Casino won’t find a host of bonuses, a massive selection of slots, sports betting through an online casino bookie or live dealer casino games; even tournaments are few and far between, appearing only occasionally as promotional opportunities. However, Stake does offer the lowest house edge in the industry by keeping it to one percent. The founders of Stake Casino are also the same folks who founded Primedice, which has the distinct honor of being the longest-operating crypto-only casino available today. That said, Stake does boast a number of games that gamblers are sure to enjoy.

Incredible, Uncommon Gaming

As we mentioned earlier, online casino players at Stake will find that the games available are proprietary, created by an in-house team at the gaming establishment and designed for the sole use of the casino’s players. While a “Coming Soon” tag overlays the link to slots at the casino, the forums suggest that players’ wait may soon be over; a casino respondent to the original post also shared with readers that the slots will be “worth the wait,” which gives us high hopes that the development team at Stake is nearing the finish line on providing players with the slots that they crave.

Gamblers in search of common casino entertainment will recognize some of the games available for their enjoyment at Stake; these include favorites like video poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and Keno. Less familiar but equally entertaining are selections such as Limbo, Hilo, Dice, Mines, Plinko, Wheel, Diamond Poker and Crash.

The Casino Blog and User Forums

Gamblers will find the Stake Casino blog linked at the bottom of the homepage, and while users will be rerouted to when the time comes to read it, they can rest assured that the written content was generated by casino staff. From casino games to cryptocurrencies and everything in between, the Stake blog is definitely worth the occasional peruse.

The user forums at Stake Casino, however, are absolutely stellar. Today’s perpetually connected, always-in-the-know lifestyle has caused a bit of a drift away from almost-daily visits to one message board or another, but the forums at Stake are both exceptionally active and convenient to use. While a variety of seemingly intelligent users make the forum interesting, the fact that it’s still so relevant is nothing short of remarkable. Hosted by Stake and available to every player, the forums should be an early stop in your casino experience.

Customer Support at Stake Casino

While Stake doesn’t exactly follow the common structure found in most casino support situations, it’s familiar enough that gamblers will be able to easily obtain the information that they need. Users can connect with the casino via Facebook, Twitter, or live chat. A running chat feature on the casino homepage makes it easy for users to connect with peers, and the “support” links found at the bottom of the page make it incredibly easy to access many features, including the blog and the forums.

Even the Affiliate Program is Unique

Most casino affiliate programs base a participant’s commission on the profit gained from a player’s losses, but Stake Casino’s approach is somewhat different. Affiliates at Stake will instead receive a commission based on the amount wager rather than the amount lost. Fast, convenient access to banners, campaign analytics and available funds for withdrawal set the affiliate interface apart, and those affiliates who generate an outstanding amount of traffic or otherwise distinguish themselves from the pack may be eligible for a personalized commission structure. Head to the affiliate page at Stake Casino now for your chance to cash in on everything it has to offer.