Revolver Gaming

Revolver Gaming is among the many developers designing today’s casino entertainment, although many players are already aware of the company for its contributions to the social media game. By creating and releasing a host of tremendous titles in HTML5 and Unity3D, Revolver can not only boast incredible, 3D graphics and smooth gameplay, but also a high level of availability that crosses a variety of platforms.

A Timeline of Success

Revolver Gaming’s timeline to the successful launch of several games that are now available for real-money play in online casinos dates back to 2014, which was when the company went live with PartySlots, an iOS and Android social media adventure that allowed free play in several great games. Later the same year, Revolver attended G2E Las Vegas, and received a UK gambling license in January of 2015. Fast-forwarding three years to February 1, 2018, Revolver Gaming went live with its new platform of the enticing, exciting games that are presently delighting players around the world. The Revolver timeline shows not only a great deal of dedication, but a high level of both technical skill and devotion to providing great entertainment to the players who crave it.

Revolver Gaming’s Portfolio

The London-based developer has created a number of games that are already satisfying the online casino gambling community, including titles like Multiplier Man, Reign of Gnomes, GoodFishes, Robin Hood and His Merry Wins, The Big Deal, Space Traders, Wishes, Parrots of the Caribbean and Pet Payday. While some of the games offer just three reels, the wagering choices and interface are still quite satisfying; the more extensively designed, 5-reel games are nothing short of outstanding.

Regardless of the fact that Revolver’s portfolio is still rather small, gamblers will be pleased with the developer’s existing games. Moreover, those titles that are currently available give serious gamers something to look forward to in the future, as the company is off to an excellent start; great software companies are built over time, after all.

Endless Gameplay at Revolver-Powered Casinos

The spectacular array of slot games available at Revolver-powered online casinos have been carefully crafted to entice a new generation of players. By specifically selecting topical themes and presenting them to gamblers who will play them across various platforms thanks to Revolver Gaming’s innovative use of HTML5 and Unity3D, the company has effectively caught the attention of youthful casino users. Online casinos offering Revolver titles tend share several common features that attract players, including clean, user-friendly interfaces and an approach to casino gaming that echos the style that dominates social media gaming. Of course, Revolver Gaming casinos also often provide real-money players with deposit bonuses designed to enhance their bankroll and the opportunity to cash in on special offers that are associated with specific new games or a seasonal event. Whether players head to Revolver casinos to cash in on sweet slots, savory bonuses or both, one fact is certain: they’re going to have a great time when they get there.

A Landmark Year for Revolver Gaming

Online casino enthusiasts who enjoy following the ongoing activities of their favorite developers already know that 2018 has been a landmark year for Revolver Gaming. From the year’s earliest releases to those that could break by December 31st, casino players far and wide have been able to take advantage the cinematic slots delivered to them throughout the last 10 months. While there were certainly stretches of time in 2018 that didn’t see casino releases from Revolver Gaming, the developer more than made up for it when their newly created products did find their way into both casinos and the hearts of the players who love them. As 2018 begins to wind down, it is a safe bet that this up-and-coming software developer will continue to bring innovative entertainment to online casino users across the globe in 2019 and beyond.

Looking to the Future

While it is likely too soon to tell just how far Revolver Gaming will go in the online casino gaming world, the prospects look good for the future. However, whether the company will soar to the heights of other widely respected developers like Microgaming, Betsoft and RealTime Gaming, remains to be seen. In the meantime, this online casino enthusiast will most definitely keep a close eye on what Revolver is doing.