Mermaid's Gold Slots

This slots game is a true favorite for anyone that goes to Las Vegas. It is very interactive and there are tons of chances of winning big; simply get a red haired mermaid and you could win up to 10,000 credits! Being a favorite in the casinos in Las Vegas, Jackpot Party a popular UK friendly online casino has taken this opportunity to create an online based slots game of the Mermaid’s Gold land based game. Everyone that visits Las Vegas and plays the slots has to play Mermaid’s Gold . It offers so many prizes and bonuses that they would be crazy not to. Within the popular slots game, there are also mini-games that are designed to keep the player on their toes, as well as put money in their pocket.

Features and Symbols

Mermaid’s Gold is a fantastic, fun-packed, five-reel slots game that comes with amazing possibilities for the player. In this game there are a total of six mermaid symbols that can appear and help the player tremendously. One of the more sought after symbol is the red haired mermaid, which is a wild symbol. If the player manages to get five red haired mermaids on an active pay-line, they can win 10,000 credits and continue to play. As for the five remaining mermaids, there is a feature that allows for a bonus, and when it is triggered these mermaids appear and can activate either a prize or a bonus. These include anything from cash prizes to free spins.

There are also Treasure Chest symbols that allow the player to have a little fun beyond just spinning and winning. When three or more treasure chests appear, the bettor can click on them to reveal what is inside – this is also called a bonus game. If they find mermaids and there are three or more of the same kind you win a prize. They can even contain tridents that can provide additional rewards. Among these, there are also other fitting symbols such as, dolphins, starfish and seashells, and other kinds of fish that can be found in the ocean – think fun under the sea, with a similarity to the Disney movie, ‘The Little Mermaid’. There are other great features, such as the mini-games and side games that it offers. One of these side games is where you can guess the color of the next card in a deck of cards. If the player gets it right, they double their winnings.

Other Great Games

We already know that Mermaid’s Gold is a very popular slots game in Las Vegas; however it is not the only one that someone can enjoy during their visit. There are various themed slots games available. There are Egyptian, Pirate, Crime, and Halloween themed slots, and each of them has a popular game that is distinguished. Cleopatra is a highly regarded and played Egyptian themed slots game. For the Pirate themed slots there is Pirate’s Treasure, a great one to play. Play Safe Cracker and Halloween if you feel like testing your skills. Having themed slots is a great way for everyone to enjoy themselves.


As stated before, this amazing land based slots game was recently, as of February 2012, put as an online slots game. The online casino offering it, with many soon to follow such as those online casinos we recommend, is a perfect way for the players to see what makes Mermaid’s Gold such a hit in Las Vegas. The land-based slot game has maintained its feel and look, sticking with its true originality, which is why it is so popular already, at both land based casinos, and online casinos. US players unfortunately will have to either way for the game to be available at a US friendly casino soon, or will just have to take a needed vacation down to Las Vegas for some fun at the slots; however, there are other online slots games similar to this one such as Mermaid Queen, which is highly popular US friendly game, which can be played at different online casino such as those found recommended here for their reputation, security, and quality.