Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business Slots

Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business is not only a mouthful, but a truly spectacular game in a crowded genre of video slots. It's a sequel to the original Jack Hammer and some of you may find that as silly, but from the second the game loads you will understand why. The symbols, theme, and characters are absolutely breathtaking. From the first spin you will swear you're reading a comic book with the beautiful cell-shaded graphics and tight artwork. Jack Hammer 2 features a 5 reel (non-progressive) 99 pay line format that promises wins your future. With such a large amount of pay lines, each win may not be stunning, but the amount of wins you will amount in a short period of time will be sure to stun you. The bets range from just one cent up to fifty cents, with such low bet-in prices the potential to play long hours with little money to spend is the basis to this game's success.

Wilds, Jackpots, and Scatters

Jack Hammer 2 like many other slots also features the iconic scatter and wild symbols (a crab claw). While the game is entertaining, it is also feature-rich and has a max jackpot of 2500 coins! For a game with so many pay lines, a jackpot of 2500 is still surprising. While not the biggest jackpot on the block, players will notice that their chance to win big is much greater n Jack Hammer 2. With the astounding combination of low bet options, a magnitude of pay lines and five reels, the chances are literally endless for success.

Free Spins are also a regular in this game. With each free spin (generated by spinning a scatter or multiple scatters), a multiplier is layered over the reels. This multiplier enables the game to become highly profitable and an invigorating mix of payouts and hopeful jackpots.

For spinning five, six, seven, or more than eight scatter symbols the free spin rewards are ten, thirteen, sixteen, and twenty free spins respectively.

Sticky Wins

Probably the most anticipated feature is a rarity in the virtual casino world and that is Sticky Wins. Now normally when you spin a winning combination you will receive your payout and then the reels will reset and you will be left with a blank-slate for fresh spins. However in Jack Hammer 2, once you receive a winning symbol it will stay on its reel leaving the other reels to spin freely. This allows a build up of winning symbols and raise the chance of winning much higher than in your typical game.

Jack hammer your way to victory!

Jack Hammer 2: Fishy Business is a breath of fresh air to a sometimes stiff game play mechanic. With a beautiful theme and symbols alongside a 99 pay line game, there's no reason to not join in on the fun. The Sticky Wins feature alone is enough to guarantee this game will not only promise you fun, regular winnings, and a simple interface, but also with its low bet system it won't hurt your wallet either!