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5-reel Wheel of Chance Slots

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5-reel Wheel of Chance Slots
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5 Reel Wheel of Chance is a little more complex than its three reel version. This makes it even more fun because there are extra bonus features to help you win more money. This five reel game has 20 paylines instead of the one in the three reel version. This makes it easier to win a prize every time you spin.

Before you spin, decide on your coin value, anywhere from a penny to $10. Then choose how many paylines you want to activate. It's best to bet a coin on all of them. With the coin value set to a penny, your bet of 20 cents really isn't too risky. Once you're set, you can play 5 Reel Wheel of Chance slots.

Wild Bonus Doubles Prizes

The first bonus in 5 Reel Wheel of Chance involves the diamond wild. Every time the diamond helps create a winning payline, your winnings double. Five diamonds are worth the impressive 8,000 coins jackpot.

Free Spin Scatters with 3x Multipliers

The next bonus involves the free spin scatters. You need to get three of them to activate the bonus. Once that happens, you win 10 free spins. During the free spin rounds, your winnings are tripled. That gives you the potential to win 24,000 coins.

Wheel of Chance Bonus Game

The Wheel of Chance symbol appears on the second and fourth reels. If the spin ends with the bonus symbol appearing on both reels and on an active payline at the same time, you'll play the bonus game.

During the bonus game, the screen changes so that a large wheel covered in cash prizes appears. There are 24 slots on this wheel, three of them narrower than the rest. The prizes depend on your wager, but with a 2 cent bet, the prizes range from $1.80 to $36.

Spin the wheel and see how much you win. The wheel stops on your prize, and it's added to your winnings. That prize slot is replaced with a bust sign, and three additional busts also replace spaces that are equidistant to the prize you won. After your first spin, you're asked if you want to collect your prize or spin again. If you choose to spin again, you risk landing on one of the busts.

Generally, you can get a second spin in without much risk, but when the new quartet of bust signs appear, it can be harder to get a third spin in without hitting one of them. If you do hit a bust, you lose the majority of your winnings. Keep playing until you don't want to risk it anymore. At that point, click “collect,” and your winnings are added to your casino balance.

Wheel of Chance 5 Reel Slots Info

Bonus roundWheel of Chance Bonus Round
Type5-reel, bonus, video
ThemeTV Show
Coin size$0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $10.00, $5.00
Coins per line1
Max Bet$200
Free spins10 Free Spins
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