Understanding a Slots Paytable

For new online slots players the first look at a slots paytable and its paylines can be a little confusing, and although you don't in any way need to memorize the information on each slots paytable to enjoy spinning the reels of a given slot, it is nice to be able to understand what a paytable is. It's also worth knowing the difference between a paytable and the paylines too, and that's what we'll take a look at first.

What is a Slots Payline?

Slots paylines are those lines that run across the screen, usually from left to right, connecting up the symbols that form a winning combination. The amount of paylines on each slot can differ massively with some 3 reel classic slots only having one payline, and in the case of 5 reel video slots the amount of paylines can be anything from 4 up to amounts in the hundreds, however you'll find that most online slots provide between 20 and 50 paylines. When setting up your bet on an online slot, one of the things you choose is the amount of paylines you wish to play, and the amount you pick is reflected in the cost per spin. Many players choose the maximum amount of paylines available, as they know that this, while costing a little more, provides the best chances of seeing winning combinations.

What is a Slots Paytable?

The slots paytable is available for you to view within the slots interface. You'll usually see a button somewhere on the screen that gives you access to it, and if you're playing a new slot for the first time then it's worth giving that button a click and checking out what are the highest paying symbols, and which symbols act as the wild and the scatter. Checking out the role of these symbols is quick and easy to do and it may bring you a little more enjoyment from the slot, as at least you'll be aware of what symbols you'll be wanting to see on the reels. The slots paytable also provides information on how to play the game, for example next to the scatter symbol, it may tell you that to form a winning combination using the scatter symbols you will only need to see 2 on the reels, or next to the wild symbol it may tell you that all wins using the wild symbol are given a x2 multiplier...it's information that worth knowing!

So there you have it, the paylines are where you need the symbols to drop in on, and the paytable tells you the value of those symbols and what extra treats the special symbols such as the wild and the scatter can provide.