Tailgate Blitz Slots

While futball is the biggest sport in the world and gaining popularity at a fast rate in the U.S. slot players will immediately recognize TailGate Blitz Slots as being based upon American football. American football. The fall season in the United States is popular for many reasons and football is one of the biggest.as many young men and a few young women, play their sport under the lights on Friday, Saturday and sunday. Tailgate Blitz could be a perfect fit for an online casino player looking to enjoy their favorite sport in the off season. The 5-reel,l 20-payline slot created and released by Wager Gaming Technology, can now be played anywhere a bettor has access to computer or device with a cell plan or WiFi signal.

The Sights and Sounds of the Game

Tailgating is a recent american phenomenon and Tailgate Blitz Slots captures the feel of feel of the event quite will with football fans, hot dogs, hamburgers, beer and a symbol set of nine through ace playing cards. The dollar sign icon is the scatter symbol and can award free spins when three of the symbols appear on the reels and a game logo symbol is a wild that can be used to replace any of the regular symbols but not the scatter symbols.

Bets and Bankrolls of all sizes.

Players can use any of the 16 coin denominations the game provides to make their wager and while only one coin denomination can be wagered per the spinning of the reels. The lowest denomination is a mere $0.01 and go as high as five dollars, making it possible to wager up to $100 per spin of the reels. This casino title is also a great opportunity for those with limited and severely limited bankrolls with a minor bet of only $0,20 Betting on per spin with all 20 paylines wagered.

A Paying Scatter and a Wild Jackpot

The scatter symbols on the reels of Tailgate Blitz do not award free spins but instead pay a cash prize for three or more on the reels in a spin; five scatters pay 100, four pay 25 and three pays 5 coins respectively. There are no other traditional bonus features but five logo wilds on a wagered payline will reap 500 coins for the bettor. This is definitely for those who prefer to spin their reels with few interruptions for bonus games and such.

An Interesting Theme with Big Win Potential

Bettors outside of North America may find the theme of this slot title a little strange and the garish cartoon feel will probably cause some to pass this by. The big win potential of this title is hidden deep within and it can be easy for players to dismiss this game out of hand.but that would be a mistake. A paying scatter and a wild jackpot make this a slot title that will unfortunately lost in the shuffle o te online casino community.