King Tut's Treasure Slots

King Tut's Treasure is a 3-reel, single-payline classic slot by WGS, one of the few developers that still creates 3-reel slot games for online casinos. King Tut's Treasure takes the 3-reel slot tradition and adds a wild and a multiplier to turn up the excitement on the title.

King Tut and Egyptian History

King Tut's Treasure is one of the many games that embraces the popular, Egyptian theme that slot developers love to design; in fact, many think that the theme is overused. Regardless of that opinion, however, WGS returns to the well one more time on the style and theme of the game to create an original and perfectly rendered title. Players will find camels, scarabs, ankhs and pyramids on the reels, among other icons. The sarcophagus mask of King Tut himself serves as the wild that can replace any symbol needed to turn a line into a winner; it also awards the highest prize of 2,000 coins when all three land on the payline and three coins have been wagered.

Betting Three Coins Maximizes Prize Potential

Like most titles with only one payline, playing the maximum number of coins allowed is far more important than using the largest coin size available. The King Tut jackpot awards 500, 1,000 or 2,000 coins for one, two or three coins wagered, respectively. Because the largest coin size possible is valued at $10.00 and gamblers may play up to three coins, it is important to note that the absolute maximum wager could lead to a significant payout of $10,000. Coin sizes in King Tut's Treasure start at $0.10 and reach $10.00; players with smaller bankrolls do not need to worry about being left out of the fun that this title has to offer.

The Wild Multiplier

King Tut's Treasure has no scatter or bonus game, making the title feel more traditional than some of the other WGS single-payline games. The King Tut wild is where the big wins in this title come from, either by way of the game's jackpot or by adding a 2X multiplier to any 3-symbol wins completed, Another feature unique for 3-reel gaming is the addition of a skill stop that can increase the excitement or frustration level of gamblers, depending on just how skilled they actually are.

A Small Slot with Big Potential

With no scatter symbol or bonus round, King Tut's Treasure is truly a stripped-down, traditional title. The wild multiplier makes a great addition to the game, as does skill stop; while neither of these things are required to make the game enjoyable, they do make it that much more entertaining. Well executed and nicely rendered, King Tut's Treasure is an amazing title; this surprises some gamblers due to the fact that the Egyptian theme tends to a little played out. Those players who prefer to keep their slots classic will find plenty to enjoy, including the 2,000-coin jackpot. While King Tut's Treasure won't give players the wealth of Egypt's child king, they also won't come away with King Tut's curse.