Haunted Reels Slots

Slot games with three reels usually stick to more traditional themes but Haunted Reel Slots bucks this trend with a creepy slot that packs a little extra on its reels. As a WGS produced slot title, players know that the quality of Haunted Reels is high and that it is a game that is best not overlooked or passed by. Haunted Reels has the extras that a 3-reel game needs to be successful and is an option with much big win potential. Players looking for a for a blast from the past with a bit of a modern kick may want to add Haunted Reel Slots to their need to play list.

A Creepy Cast of Characters

While Haunted Reel retains some of the more traditional features with single, double and triple bars and candy icon that is a replacement for what would traditionally be cherries. This is where any resemblance to a game with three reels ends. The Wicked Witch acts as a wild and can replace any of the aforementioned symbols; the flaming pumpkin is the scatter and is the only symbol that the witch cannot replace on the reels. The graphics are well done, especially the witch and flaming pumpkin which would look at home on the most modern 5-reel slot title.

Traditional Wagering for Easy Betting

Wagering on Haunted Reels is where this game truly feels like an icon of the early days of Las Vegas with only one payline to wager on. Players do have the option of betting one, two or three coins on the single payline; players should note that the games bonus features require a wager of two or three coins to be triggered in the game. This title also boasts a large range of coin sizes, making for a more varied wagering experience; coin sizes of $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5 and $10 are available. This creates a three coin bet variance of a small $0.30 wager up to a high option of $30.

Picking Pumpkins for Profitable Prizes

Any 3-reel, 1-payline game is sometimes viewed as an oddity but this slot should not only be seen but also played as players may find the bonus features of this title intriguing. The Witch wild sports a multiplier of 2X when one is in the winning line and a multiplier of 4X when there are two in the payline. The bonus game is triggered by one or more flaming pumpkins when there is a wager of two or more coins on the spin; if the pumpkin is joined by one or two of the candy symbols the bonus is triggered and the candy pays according to the pay table. Players choose from a group of pumpkins that will add to their bankroll in amounts depending on the coin size and whether two or three coins were wagered.

Skipping Haunted Reels a Mistake

Many bettors will glance over this title based on the fact is only has three reels and a single payline but that could end up being a very big mistake. While this title is small, it does pack a big punch of potential that should not be overlooked. With multipliers and a bonus game, Haunted Reels has more content than some five-reel games and is more enjoyable to play.