Down the Drain Slots

The creator of Down the Drain Slots is well known for creating whimsy slot titles with cartoon-style animations and humorous bonus content with classics like Funky Chicken and Cool Bananas; their latest game shows they have no intention of changing that anytime soon. Down the Drain pokes fun at the stereotypes of a plumber who arrives a little late, charges too much and can’t keep pants from sliding down and exposing a part of their anatomy that usually stays covered. Plumbers can also be a very much needed hero dressed in white with a wrench in one hand and a plunger in the other.

A Shining White Knight comes to the Rescue

While no one enjoys calling the plumber, they provide a much needed service and the things they work with are what bettors will find on the reels of this 5-reel, pay all ways slot title. The game has the standard nine to ace playing card configuration for the smaller winning symbols, while the plunger, shower, water faucet and toilet bowl award the larger payouts. The pipe wrench is the symbol that triggers the bonus game and the symbol of the plumber working under the sink triggers the free spins round. The bucket and mop symbol sets off the repin feature and the startled plumber is a wild that can replace any symbol except the wrench, the mop and bucket and the plumber under the sink.

A Plumber Who Allows Players to Set the Rate

Many people wait until they have no choice but to call a plumber due to the expensive bill that can be at the end of the visit; Down the Drain Slots lets the player choose the cost in this pays all ways slot title. Coin sizes start at a mere $0.01 and max out at $5 with a max wager of $200 per spin, making this title a great choice for all but the biggest bettors. This title also has a moderate volatility; these types of slots are not as plentiful as they used to be as bettors have become more focused on low and high volatility in the games they choose to play.

Multiple Bonus Features that May Help Pay the Bill

Down the Drain Slots have three bonus games, that when triggered, can be the catalyst for a successful time spinning the reels. The Respin bonus is triggered when the mop and bucket symbol falls anywhere on the third reel and the wheels are respun after any prizes are awarded and then awards any additional winnings after the respin. The symbols award the bonus or free spins round can only be found on the first, second and third reels and a bettor needs three of wither to initiate a bonus round. The Free Spins bonus awards eight free spins and the possibility of more and in the bonus game, bettors choose wrenches until all the pipes are fixed and includes both cash prizes and multipliers.

Amusing Theme and Big Win Possibilities will Create Repeat Customers

This title may be the most amusing game released by a developer known for trying to give players a chuckle while they spin the reels looking for that big win. The multiple bonus games, moderate volatility and pays all ways payline system can add even more fun to a slot that is already an entertaining experience. There are more than enough ways for this title to make a bettor a big winner. A player will never have to call a plumber to fix this slot game as the only thing this game may leak is cash.