Cleopatra's Pyramid II Slots

It would not be out of the ordinary for a player to read Cleopatra’s Pyramid II and begin muttering about yet another Egyptian and Cleopatra but it would be a disservice to the team at Wager Gaming Technology who put much time and effort into the new title. While the developer didn’t manage to put a new spin on the bonus rounds and gameplay Cleopatra’s Pyramid II has beautiful graphics and visuals with a slightly unique triggering system for both of the two bonus games that can be triggered. This is a follow-up to a popular title that was released some time ago and does succeed at providing fans of Egyptian and Cleopatra based slot titles a new set of reels to spin; and yes, there still are bettors in the world who love games with these themes.

Same Old Symbols Look Shiny and New

First off there are absolutely no symbols on the reels of Cheopatra’s Pyramid II that have not been used before by multiple developers over the years. Maybe that is why bother creators and players are continually drawn to this theme; less time spent on symbols, the more time to work at improving the bonus content and gameplay. Players will of course recognise the ubiquitous playing card symbols of 10 to Ace that payout the smaller amounts of prize money from the reels. The Ankh, Anubis, Scarab, Pyramid and Eye of Horus are the symbol standard for all slot titles with this theme. Where this game truly shines is in the graphics and while WGS has not completely caught up with a certain slot developer who has created some of the most stunning online slot games but are closing the gap quickly. The tiles on the reels actually show a little bit of depth and the symbols themselves appear to float inside the tiles, creating a 3D effect.

Betting on Cleo and her Pyramids

Cleopatra’s Pyramid uses the same wagering system as 90 percent of the slot games in internet casinos. The 5-reel, 20 payline game allows bettors only one coin wagered on each of the paylines. The title does provide the ability to make very small to above average wagers on each spin with coin sizes ranging from $0,01 and up to $10; as is always the case with this type of betting system, it is always wiser for a player to lower the wager per payline and continue to play with the maximum number of paylines.

Alternating Bonus Games Balance Out Experience

It is human nature to be curious about many things but bettors wanting to see that new bonus feature everyone is talking about can become angst-ridden when the other bonus games will trigger but the new bonus game will not. While this game by WGS can be just as frustrating with long bonus game dry spells of no bonus material at all, both bonus games in Cleopatra’s Pyramid II are triggered by the same pyramid symbols and alternate between the two bonus games when three of them land on the reels. The Pyramid Bonus game is a generic but exciting pick style of bonus game where players choose the blocks in the pyramid until they get the game over symbol or make it to the apex of the pyramid. The Pyramid Bonus looks like it would be the more exciting feature and sometimes it is but when four or five of the bonus symbols fall anywhere on the reels, the bettor is awarded 20 free spins when four are on the reels and 40 free games for five bonus symbols. Players should note that the two games alternate when three symbols appear, while four and five symbols on the reels trigger the scatter only; regardless of the bonus game triggered, this also a paying scatter that can pay up to 100x the original payline wager.

Not Just Another Cleopatra Slot

Any online slot player that can still tolerate a Cleopatra-themed game where Cleo keeps her clothes on may find the alternating bonus games to their liking; the scatter wins with four and five of the pyramid symbols on the reels can create a large payday with any spin of the reels. To some, the theme of Cleopatra’s Pyramid II Slots may feel like beating a dead camel, but the alternating bonus material make this an interesting spin.