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Wacky Panda Slots

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Wacky Panda Slots
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Online slot players who are who are looking for a breath of fresh air in slot play may appreciate the Microgaming release Wacky Panda Slots. Wacky Panda is a simple 3-reel, single payline slot title that is the opposite of most titles being currently released; Wacky Panda has no free spins, bonus game or even a wild in the traditional sense. Wacky Panda is a great escape from the crowded 5-reel, pays all ways slots that are currently clogging casino lobbies.

A Blast From the Past with Modern Graphics

While Wacky Panda Slots plays like something from the early days of Las Vegas, has a completely modern look with graphics that are similar to other games that Microgaming has been releasing. Players will discover symbols from the 3-reel machines of yesteryear such as grapes, bananas and watermelons are the lower playing symbols while the panda bears that come in the colors of black, purple, blue, gold and red.

Betting Strategy for Games With Three Reels

Players who have only played a 3-reel game a few times or not at all need to remember that betting strategy for these games can be quite different than slots with more reels and paylines. It is always a better choice to play the maximum number of coins wagered than to play one coin of a bigger denomination. The maximum three coins wagered makes the top prize of this slot title 3,333 coins instead 1,111 for a single coin wager or 2,222 for a two coin wager. Coin sizes range from $0.01 to $5 giving a bet deviation of $0.03 to $15 when players wager a full three coin bet.

No Extras But Plenty of Fun

Players looking for a slot title with free spins, progressive jackpots and multipliers will more than likely be disappointed but someone looking for a retro game with simple gameplay and great winning potential will find Wacky Panda a relief from all the bonus games and paylines of most modern games. Players should note that the top paying symbol, the red panda, does not follow the rules of the rest of the symbols. A single or a pair of red pandas anywhere on the payline will result in a win; all others are required to be three matching symbols that have landed on the payline.

Just Sweet Simple Fun

Wacky Panda Slots is a great option for players looking for a retro style slot title that is simple to play and is void of what can be confusing bonus games and wilds with multipliers. Wacky Panda does this without compromising on the graphics of the game, which are excellent for a game of this nature. Slot spinners looking for something a little different from what other developers are offering may find Wacky Panda Slots just what they’ve been looking for in a slot.

Wacky Panda Slots Info

Type3-reel, classic
Coin size$0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00
Coins per line1-3
Max Bet$15
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