Sweet Bonanza Slots

Pragmatic Play’s Sweet Bonanza Slots will prove to be one of the sweetest, most delicious new games gamblers encounter this year. From the tasty treats that make up the symbol set to the amazing bonus features, Sweet Bonanza has plenty of great potential to provide players with not only a delectable theme, but the chance to participate in unique features and the opportunity to land spectacular prizes. True gamers won’t want to miss the fun on the reels in Sweet Bonanza Slots.

Pragmatic Play: A Brief History

The developer of Sweet Bonanza Slots, Pragmatic Play, hasn’t been in the online casino gaming industry for long as it’s known today, but it has certainly made an unforgettable impression on the players who game at the casinos it serves. Formerly known as Top Game, a group of investors relaunched the company as Pragmatic Play in 2015, and the designers have left an indelible mark on the online casino industry by producing a wide range of incredible games with innovative features and the chance to cash in on significant prizes. From the first game released after the launch of the company as Pragmatic Play to the most recent release, this is one developer that gamblers will want to keep their eye on.

Play the Demo to Learn More

While online casino enthusiasts may be looking forward to placing a real-money wager on the sugary goodness that is Sweet Bonanza Slots, gamers who want to check out the title immediately will find multiple places online to play the demo. Whether gamblers opt to experience the demo at their favorite casino powered by Pragmatic Play or they choose to spin the reels on a third-party website, they’ll love everything this fantastic game has to offer.

Take a Bite Out of a Deliciously Themed Game

As players have undoubtedly noticed by now, the theme of Sweet Bonanza Slots is, unsurprisingly, sweets. However, what we haven’t mentioned is the fact that the developers took their time and created a brightly colored, intriguing game that is eye-catching and unique in several different ways. If tasty treats are hard on your waistline, Sweet Bonanza is a great way to cure that sweet tooth that keeps killing your diet.

Vivid Colors, Engrossing Graphics and Gameplay

The reels of Sweet Bonanza Slots are set in a background featuring hills and valleys made out what may be cotton candy, and puffy, marshmallow-esque clouds top mountains of fruit in a setting featuring colors that complement one another very well. The reels themselves rest on a purple background that fades from dark to light purple, and gamblers will encounter a host of yummy icons on the reels; look for the Apple, Banana, Plum, Watermelon and Grapes among the fruit and hard Blue, Green, Purple and Red Candies. Like many of the recent releases by Pragmatic Play, the generic playing card icons are noticeably absent from the paytable, which will satisfy those gamers who demand quality when it comes to their online casino entertainment. The Lollipop on the reels in Sweet Bonanza Slots is the scatter symbol, and this treat fills an important role, as it the trigger to the game’s free spins feature.

An important feature in the design of Sweet Bonanza is the Tumble Feature; often referred to as cascading reels, this spectacular part of the game pays the winning combinations of a spin before crushing the contributing icons in a fanfare of fireworks. Once paying symbols have disappeared, they’ll be replaced by additional icons that will behave in the same way; this sequence will continue until no winning combinations appear on the reels. The fact that multiple combinations of winning icons can be won on a single bet makes Sweet Bonanza a great value for gamblers who have the patience to wait for this incredible potential outcome.

Sweet Bonanza Basics: Reels and Paylines

Players who haven’t yet had the opportunity to check out Sweet Bonanza Slots will be excited to discover that the game features 6 reels, which is still fairly uncommon among both online and land-based slot games, and 20 paylines. Perhaps the most important fact that gamblers should be aware of when preparing for their first encounter with Sweet Bonanza Slots is that the paylines are fixed in the title; rather than having the option to wager on just 1, 5 or 10 lines, gamers will always be required to cover every line in the game; however, this must not be construed as a negative feature in Sweet Bonanza since there are plenty of affordable wagering options and players who bet on every payline actually increase their odds of hitting a win.

Making Bets, Ante Bets and Locating the Paytable

  • As mentioned above, there are plenty of terrific betting options for gamblers with both large and small gaming budgets. Players will encounter coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $0.50, and they may wager up to 10 coins per line on each of the title’s 20 paylines; the spread for available wagers in Sweet Harvest falls anywhere between $0.20 and $200 per spin, although we encourage our readers to wager 10 coins per line, even if it means reducing their coin size to something that is somewhat more appropriate for their entertainment budget.
  • There is also an Ante Bet in Sweet Bonanza Slots, and this portion of the game requires gamblers to select between a bet level of 20x or 25x; while many gamers will assume that one choice or the other is automatic in their style of gaming, players should absolutely be aware of two factors: selecting a bet level of 20x provides gamblers with the opportunity to purchase a trip to the Free Spins Bonus Round for 100x their current wager, while a bet level of 25x disables the option for purchasing the feature and doubles the number of naturally occurring scatter symbols, and therefore, doubles the odds of landing a free trip to the bonus round.
  • Like every slot known to mankind, Sweet Bonanza offers gamblers the chance to see the potential payouts for specific combinations on the reels. However, what players new to slots may not be aware of is the fact that the paytable also provides information on payline configuration, the rules of the game and information on the bonus feature and ante bet. Users wondering where to find this spectacular wealth of information may click on the lowercase “I” located at the bottom, left-hand side of the reels near the other game control selectors.

Activating the Delectable Bonus Feature

Online casino enthusiasts who are looking forward to triggering the Free Spins Bonus Round will want to familiarize themselves with the brightly colored Lollipop icon on the Sweet Bonanza reels. The round will be triggered when gamblers manage to land four or more of the scattered Lollipops on the reels, and unlike many other slots, the number of scatters at the time that the feature is triggered will dictate just how many free games are awarded to the player. Additionally, the bonus feature offers a special symbol that we haven’t yet mentioned; depicted by a rainbow bauble containing a number, this extra icon dictates the value of the multiplier being awarded. The good news is one or more multipliers can appear during any bonus play; they will be tallied and applied to the total win at the end of the tumble sequence during which they appear.

Sweet Bonanza RTP and Game Rating

The return-to-player, or RTP, in Sweet Bonanza Slots falls between 96.51 and 96.52 percent, according to our research. Remember that while the RTP is the amount, on average, that a slot machine returns to players per $100 wagered on the game, this is not an appropriate number to base a gaming budget around. In short, gamblers who spend $100 on Sweet Bonanza are not likely to see a return of $96.51 or $96.52; instead, this an aggregate that should be understood within a reasonable perspective. Sweet Bonanza Slots is already enjoying moderate popularity among players, but the fact that gamblers have encountered a similar theme in a number of other games is making it difficult for Sweet Bonanza to enjoy an initial popularity that blasts into the stratosphere; however, players are definitely encouraged to give the title a chance, as it really does have a lot to offer.

Mobile Gaming and Sweet Bonanza Slots

While available on other platforms, iOS and Android users who also play slots will be excited to learn that Sweet Bonanza is available in a mobile format. Whether gamblers prefer mobile gaming because of its convenience and portability or they simply prefer to keep their entertainment very close at hand, Pragmatic Play has them covered for Sweet Bonanza and a host of other incredible titles.

Play for Kicks or Cash

Sweet Bonanza Slots is available for both “Fun” or “Practice”and real-money play on a wide range of websites and at a number of reputable, exciting casinos, respectively. Regardless of which mode online casino players prefer, they are certain to enjoy taking on the tasty treats in a run for a massive payout. Don’t miss your chance to cash in on the thrilling Pragmatic Play title known as Sweet Bonanza Slots.