Gold Rush Slots

Developer Pragmatic Play has always focused on creating quality slot titles with unique bonus content; Gold Rush Slots is one of the latest releases by the developer that follows the business model well. Gold Rush is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot title with a bonus round that can lead to big wins from free spins. Gold Rush could be the slot title that becomes a favorite of many players .

A Prospector and his Donkey

The symbols on the reels of Gold Rush are populated by a prospector, a donkey, a pick and shovel, a lantern and a cart full of gold nuggets; the game also uses a playing card 10 to ace for the low paying symbols of the game.The TNT wild icon can be used to replace any regular payline symbol but cannot be used to trigger the bonus game in place of the mine shaft scatter symbol or replace the solid gold nugget symbol used during the bonus game.

Traditional Betting with Gold Rush Slots

Gold Rush Slots uses the per payline system of wagering that most slot spinners prefer. Coin values vary between $0.01 to $0.50 and bettors can wager up to 10 coins per line for a max line bet of $5 and a 25 payline variance of $0.25 to $125 make Gold Rush Slots a great choice for everyone, regardless of the size of a bankroll.

A Scatter That Can Keep On Giving

Gold Rush Slots has only one bonus game, a scatter-style game, but this game can stand on its own without any other bonus content due to its own massive potential. When three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, players receive 10 free spins and two more free spins are added whenever a player lands a scatter symbol on the reels during the bonus round, As the free games are played, bettors can collect the single gold nugget symbols that land on the reels only during the bonus game to move up levels that award extra prospector symbols on the reels. Players start out at a first level that provides seven extra prospector symbols and when they have gathered five nuggets they are moved up to the second level that gives players 15 extra prospectors. Level three is attained with the collecting of 10 gold nuggets and the final level awards 21 extra prospectors when a player manages to collect 15 or more nuggets in a single bonus round. If a new level is attained on a player’s final free spin, they are awarded one extra spin.

A Developer That Keeps Producing High-Quality Games

Pragmatic Play has been releasing great and entertaining games recently and Gold Rush Slots keeps that ball rolling. It can be said that all the potential of this game resides in the single bonus game but that can be said about many slot titles; Gold Rush provides more excitement than many games with multiple bonus games for bettors to trigger. Gold Rush Slots has the innovative gameplay and the big win potential that many of today’s slot spinners are looking for in a slot title.