Trigger Happy Slots

Trigger Happy Slots is one of the latest releases from RTG, and gamblers will find plenty to get excited about in this fantastic game. Following a couple of beautiful young women through an amazing time in history, Trigger Happy is one great way for online casino gamblers to not only cash in on a terrific theme, but some pretty spectacular prizes as well. Check out Trigger Happy Slots at your preferred RTG Casino or read on to learn more.

Trigger Happy’s Basic Facts

Like a large percentage of the games designed by RTG, Trigger Happy is a 5-reel slot. Offering 30 fixed paylines, incredible bonus rounds and the chance to score a progressive jackpot that could leave gamblers holding a great deal of extra cash. Regardless of which slots players have enjoyed in the past, they’re certain to find something new and satisfying when they spin the reels in Trigger Happy.

Understanding Fixed Paylines

Perhaps one of the earliest and most important lessons an online slot enthusiast will learn is the one that describes the difference between fixed and variable paylines. To put it simply, some games, including Trigger Happy Slots, have a set number of paylines from which players may not deviate, while others allow gamblers to choose whether they would prefer to cover a single line, every line in the game and every line in between. For instance, players spinning the reels in Trigger Happy have no choice as to how many lines they choose to cover, while those playing another recent RTG release, Fire Dragon, have the option to select the number of lines on which they will wager. While it may seem immediately like a better idea to choose a game with variable paylines, savvy gamblers cover every line whenever they play slots, even if it mean they must choose a smaller coin size; this maximizes the odds of a win in any game, regardless of whether its paylines are fixed or variable.

Betting, Big and Small

Even in a game with fixed paylines, gamblers have some fairly significant choices when it comes to betting options. Coin sizes in Trigger Happy Slots range from $0.01 and $1.00, which means that this 30-payline game will cost players between $0.30 and $30.00 per spin. Although these wagering choices may seem somewhat small to those who consider themselves high rollers, the prizes in the game are large enough that users will never feel like they’re missing anything by playing a title with a fairly low maximum bet.

Putting the Paytable to Good Use

The paytable in Trigger Happy and every other slot that’s ever existed is the player’s key to winning combinations, free spins, special features and winways whenever they’re looking for some fun on the reels. In Trigger Happy, as well as a large portion of RTG’s other slots, the paytable will be located to the right of the game controls under a heading the heading, “Info” or sometimes simply, “I.” Regardless of how the link to the paytable is depicted, clicking on it will give gamblers an undeniably amazing resource to use when they’re spinning the reels in any of RTG’s incredible games.

Meet the Developer

RealTime Gaming, better known as RTG and the developer of Trigger Happy Slots, is a longstanding, prolific creator of incredible casino games that run the gamut from cards and slots to table and specialty games. Arguably one of the most successful gaming studios of all time, players have had access to fantastic titles from these experts since 1998, and the company hasn’t slowed down one bit. Perhaps the most interesting thing about RTG is that while the designer releases a host of new titles annually, the quality never decreases. The themes, graphics and bonus games in RTG slots never deviate from excellence, and gamblers get to reap the rewards of this outstanding combination of features. As one of the most successful developers in the online casino entertainment industry, RTG has its finger on the collective pulse of gamblers across the globe.

Play the Demo Before Wagering

Cashing in on the awesome entertainment in Trigger Happy Slots doesn’t necessarily have to cost gamblers any money. Many RTG-powered casinos allow players to try demo versions of Trigger Happy and other great games before making a deposit and spinning the reels for real money. Regardless of where casino enthusiasts choose to play, we strongly recommend taking advantage of this free play option to ensure that both game and the casino are the right choice for their entertainment demands.

A Step Back in Time

If the gold hunting, saloons and shootouts of the Old West sound appealing, Trigger Happy Slots is likely to provide the exact kind of fun you’re looking for. Dusty streets, horses, a dedicated sheriff and a couple of drop-dead gorgeous cowgirls await gamblers who spin the reels in the game, making it a total win...even on spins that aren’t. The Old West-theme in the title will most certainly draw players in, and the incredible entertainment and massive payout potential will keep them come back for time and again.

Well-Planned and Designed With Purpose

The difference between slot games that are just thrown together in hopes or making a buck and those that are carefully planned and intentionally designed to entertain is huge, and it’s immediately obvious to those who have been spinning the reels for a while. While some of the games created by less experienced and dedicated developers tend to flop almost immediately, titles from RTG, like Trigger Happy and several of the studio’s other recent releases, keep the fun coming by divvying it out in small increments; the perfect example of this is found in the multifaceted bonus games, as there are generally choices for players to make and different outcomes based on those particular decisions. By designing games in this way, RTG has created a generation of gamblers that have high expectations when it comes to the entertainment they seek on the reels, and the company continues to deliver time and again.

Scoring Free Spins and Bonus Wins

The main bonus feature in Trigger Happy Slots is a free spins round, but it goes a bit further than the typical understanding of those free games. Gamblers trigger the feature by landing at least three scattered Sheriff’s Badges anywhere on the reels; once this combination appears on the game screen, players will be awarded seven free spins, and it’s possible to retrigger the feature if another three scatters appear during a free game. However, RTG has longstanding, deep dedication to providing spectacular entertainment, so the developer has added a couple of additional features to the round that give players the freedom of choosing their path. Once the feature is triggered, gamblers will be asked to choose either the Redheaded Cowgirl or the Blond Cowgirl; because both serve as wild symbols, players can be certain whichever lady they select will boost their wins significantly throughout the round.
  • Those gamblers who opt to go with the Wild Redheaded Cowgirl will see her either serve as an additional scatter once per reel or expand into a wild that extends to cover the entire first reel for the duration of the bonus feature. While our ginger friend can only count as a scatter once per reel, this still has the potential to create multiple retriggers throughout the round.
  • Players who opt to select the Blond Cowgirl will also have something to get excited about, as this icon can become an expanding wild that covers either the fifth reel or both the fourth and the fifth reel throughout the bonus feature. Offering an amazing opportunity to score massive wins, this is one blond with whom you will definitely want to become acquainted.

An additional free spins round also exists in Trigger Happy; simply called the Lucky Feature, this round awards between 5 and 10 free games at random. While this specific feature cannot be triggered, it can easily launch the scatter free spins round, where gamblers will be able to choose between the redheaded or blond cowgirls and reap the benefits associated with their selection. In short, RTG makes it very easy to cash in on the little extras in Trigger Happy Slots.

Trigger Happy Ratings and RTP

Whether gamblers have already played Trigger Happy Slots or they’re simply considering the idea, they’ll be pleased to hear that users already enjoying the game are rating it well. While we’re not employing a specific rating system, the overall tone of every review we’ve read, user-generated or otherwise, is positive. In other words, Trigger Happy is shaping up to be much like most other RTG games: well-loved and respected throughout the online casino gaming community.

The return-to-player, more typically referred to as the RTP in Trigger Happy Slots falls somewhere in the range of 96 to 97 percent, which satisfies most gamblers. Those wondering what the heck the RTP represents should know that it’s simply the average percentage of funds won back by players for every $100 wagered on the game overall; that, of course, is not to say that every gamer who drops a hundy on the slot will get most of his or her money back, as these are averages of all bets and payouts.

Play for Fun or Money

Trigger Happy Slot players can look forward to spinning the reels on the game strictly for entertainment, in order to place a real-money wager or both. We recommend both. Get to know your slot game, and if you’re new to online casino gaming, your casino before you start spending your hard-earned cash on the game. You’ll be glad you did. However, when you’re ready for real-money betting, you can easily take advantage of it in Trigger Happy and a host of other fantastic titles from RTG.

Mobile Spins for Convenient Wins

Android and iOS users who are wondering if they can take Trigger Happy on the go will be pleased to learn that they can easily do so, assuming they have a smartphone or tablet with a reliable mobile data or wifi connection. The only thing that’s better than spinning the reels virtually anywhere in a fantastic game like Trigger Happy Slots is winning wherever you happen to be. Check out the mobile or instant-play version of Trigger Happy now for your chance to wager, spin and win.