Return of the Rudolph Slots

Return of the Rudolph Slot is the third and final installment of RTG's Christmas trilogy that was inspired by the original three movies of the Star Wars franchise. Santa's workshop is still in tatters while Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves are struggling to make their yearly Christmas deadline. Rudolph and his muscle have returned to the scene of the crime in an attempt to finish off the fat man and wrest control of the Pole and its lucrative Christmas present market. This 5-reel, 50-payline has great potential with multiple bonus features and a Progressive jackpot.

Scene of the Crime

The symbols in Rudolph's Revenge are similar to the icons in the first two titles in order to sustain continuity with two clear exceptions. The North Pole community is battle weary and tired from the attacks and the race to finish the presents before Christmas, while the pretty wrapped gifts of the last installment are in tatters and await repair and rewrapping. The other difference is in the vast improvement of the graphics in this final episode; the colors are brighter and the symbols seem to jump right off the reels. Rudolph represents the wild and can replace icons except Rudolph's henchmen who trigger the scatter, bonus games and the jackpot round.

Betting on the Man in Red

The Revenge of Rudolph has a moderate variance in coin sizes ranging from $0.01to $5, making this game a great choice for many bettors up and down the spectrum. A full 50-payline bet will be $0.50 with a maximum bit of $250 per spin.

Three Bonus Features and a Progressive Jackpot

While Rudolph's Revenge is an enjoyable title to play, the prize potential that each spin holds is immense. Rudolph's muscle award and determine the three bonus features that the game boasts and are also the five-of-a-kind that awards the progressive jackpot. If three or four of the reindeer appear anywhere on the reels, players are prompted to choose one and will be given the chance to win spins and money on:

  • The Santa Strikes Back bonus feature that awards seven free spins that contain symbols with candy canes added; when five of these are collected, the feature resets the free games back to seven. The free spins can be re-triggered up to nine times.
  • The Rudolph's Revenge, which also awards an initial seven spins but with a multiplier of two plus the number of Rudolph and reindeer that are also on the reels of each free game. When three or four Rudolph and reindeer appear on the reels of a single spin the feature adds an additional seven free spins.
  • The Rudolph's Rampage feature that sends players to Santa's ransacked toy shop in search of three missing elves; the fewer picks it takes to find the little guys determines the number of free games from five to 50. If an elf is found holding a gift more multipliers and free spins are awarded; just like Rudolph's Revenge, three or four of the Rudolph and reindeer symbols on one spin will award players another seven games.

A Big Gift in a Small Package

The Return of Rudolph looks like nothing more than a novelty to be played over the holiday but it is a well-designed game created to give bettors a chance at a large stack of cash that can be used to make the holidays bright. The three bonus features and the progressive jackpot give multiple chances at the big win. Santa needs help fighting off Rudolph and his hordes in an attempt to save Christmas and players who choose to help could be rewarded generously by the big red guy himself.