Fire Dragon Slots

Online casino gamblers in search of a hot, new title from RTG won’t want to miss their chance to spin the reels in Fire Dragon Slots. The third installment in the developer’s series featuring slot titles themed around the illustrious Jackie Chan, Fire Dragon’s recent release is wowing virtually every player who takes the time to spin the reels. Much like its predecessors, Eagle Shadow Fist and Fantasy Mission Force, Fire Dragon is set to become massively popular among players.

Fire Dragon Slots: The Basics

While online casino enthusiasts are certainly excited to learn about Fire Dragon’s graphics, special features and payout potential, they also need to know about the basic setup of the game in order to get the most out of the title. Fire Dragon is a 5-reel, 20-payline progressive video slot that features a bonus round. The game also offers gamblers the opportunity to win some decent prizes on the reels in addition to the progressive jackpot. Finally, the paylines in Fire Dragon are variable, which means that gamblers can play between 1 and 20 per spin; however, as always, we recommend playing every line in the game, even if it means selecting a smaller coin size.

Playing for Fun and Profit

One of the first questions serious slot players probably asked themselves about Fire Dragon Slots was whether or not they could play the game both for free and for real money; in both cases, the answer is yes. There are plenty of RTG-powered casinos that allow gamblers to check out great games like Fire Dragon and many others simply by visiting, spinning the reels and forming an opinion when they do. Of course, real-money play is also available, and that’s where gamers will have the opportunity to really get down to business. Read on to find out more about wagering in the game and the potential for incredible cash prizes.

Wagering in Fire Dragon Slots

Fire Dragon offers a host of flexible betting options that can easily accommodate most gamblers; in fact, high rollers may be slightly disheartened when they learn that they cannot wager more than $20 per spin in the game. That said, the coin sizes in the 20-payline slot range between $0.01 and $1.00 per line. Gamblers trying to stick to a responsible gaming budget will be pleased with what they find when it’s time to place a wager in Fire Dragon Slots.

Big Payouts on Small Bets

There are some fairly significant prizes just waiting to be won in Fire Dragon Slots, and this fact is rather remarkable, considering just how little players must wager to win them. For instance, three, four or five Jackie Chan wild symbols will net gamblers a quick 300, 800 or 3,000-coin jackpot, respectively, and low-paying icons in the game offer anywhere between 3 and 750 coins. Players who want to check out the paytable for themselves can locate it by clicking or tapping on the “I” button on the right hand side of the game controls. In addition to the regular payline wins available, the paytable also shows every symbol in the game and instructs users on how to trigger the bonus round.

More Wins in the Amazon Free Spins Feature

The bonus round in Fire Dragon Slots is actually pretty common, featuring just 10 free spins for landing three scattered Ninja Masks anywhere on the reels. While this run-of-the-mill bonus feature may initially seem disappointing, gamblers will absolutely love what happens when they trigger it. As soon as the appropriate combination of icons appear on the reels, flash bombs go off, and ninjas appear in their wake. As the round wraps up, the crafty ninjas disappear until the game is triggered again. In other words, this may only be a free spins round, but it some excellent effects that come with it.

Another Winner From RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming, colloquially known as RTG, was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1998, and the developer has been turning out one hit after another since. Quickly becoming one of the most widely recognized names in online casino gaming could not have been easy, but RTG’s rapid ascent to the top changed the face of web-based casino play forever. Producing gems like Bubble Bubble, Enchanted Garden, Double Ya Luck, Kung Fu Rooster, Fucanglong and incredible, nearly classic slots like Food Fight and Shopping Spree, RTG is truly one of the oldest and best studios in the business. In short, RTG does an amazing job of creating the kind of games that gamblers love, and they have done it again in Fire Dragon Slots.

Jackie Chan Dominates on the Reels

As we’ve already discussed, Fire Dragon Slots is the third title in an RTG series featuring Jackie Chan, so it makes perfect sense that the martial arts-themed game is full of fast action, impressive animation and big wins. After all, nearly everything about Chan’s career has moved rapidly, involved some fairly sweet moves and generated a lot of money. When gamblers take to the reels in Fire Dragon Slots, they can expect to encounter plenty of exciting action, and much like everything Chan has ever done, some kick-ass cut scenes. New players who want to embrace Fire Dragon in an entirely new way may want to take the time check out Eagle Shadow Fist and Fantasy Mission Force before jumping onboard this newly released title.

Graphics and Design in Fire Dragon

When players first load Fire Dragon Slots, the appearance of the game may leave them a bit on the disappointed side; however, those dissatisfied gamblers may want to withhold judgement until they have had the opportunity to see everything the title has to offer. In addition to the previously mentioned, amazing cut scenes, gamers will love the title’s special effects...particularly as the free spins bonus round is initiated. Perhaps the graphics Fire Dragon aren’t quite as good as they are in other RTG titles, but the gameplay more than makes up the difference.

Fire Dragon Slots’ RTP

The return-to-player, which is more commonly referred to as the RTP of a game describes the average amount of money returned to players out of every $100 bet in the game; however, this number reflects the overall average, not the amount that an individual gambler will win back if he or she wagers $100. That said, the RTP in Fire Dragon Slots falls between 95 and 97 percent, which is a respectable rate for any game. Both Eagle Shadow Fist and Fantasy Mission Force boast RTPs that range between 95 and 96 percent, making the slightly higher rate in Fire Dragon a welcome change for gamblers.

Rated a 10...So Far

While we’re not employing a complex system to rate slot games, the general vibe expressed by gamblers who are spinning the reels in Fire Dragon suggests that they love the game, and those sites that do have a structured rating system are reporting that this title is a solid 10. While Fire Dragon is still relatively new to the market, the overwhelming success of almost every game RTG has designed suggests that the number really won’t change much.

Fire Dragon: A Slot for Winners

Large and small wins are already being reported by gamblers who spin the reels in Fire Dragon Slots. While there are too many to mention, it’s safe to say that this is a great choice for anyone who likes to cash in on titles that offer spectacular payouts. The fact that Fire Dragon Slots also offers a sweet progressive jackpot that could reach as high as $50,000 is another a bit of winning motivation for gamblers who are ambivalent about the game; of course, Fire Dragon’s progressive is on a shared network with the progressives for both Eagle Shadow Fist and Fantasy Mission Force, so players who prefer either of these can still potentially win this stunning jackpot.

Go Anywhere With RTG’s Fire Dragon Slot

The fact that Fire Dragon was designed to be accessible to mobile users must not be overlooked by those considering the game. Available for both Android and iOS, this title can be enjoyed on a smartphone or tablet in any location that has a decent wifi or mobile data connection. Check out Fire Dragon Slots tonight for your chance to cash in on a big mobile win.