Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots

A small group of online slot game developers have begun to produce and release titles that are a bit on the unconventional side in the fact that they have no reels; Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots appears to be a game with no reels but still holds much big win potential for bettors willing to give something different a chance. While some of the recent games seem like they have been thrown together quickly and released, Cubee seems to have been created with original and immersive gameplay. Even though Cubee contains no reels, it has a betting system that many will consider similar to that of more traditional slots and the same randomness in the play that gives slot titles their excitement.

A Bright and Appealing Look

It is quite obvious that Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots was created with a younger and more female demographic, but those who do not fall into that group would be wise to give this game a closer look before passing judgement, as many games that would be considered “cute” can possess great gameplay. The large part of the symbols of this game are squarish characters of different colors; Bones is red, Casper is green, Lucifer is blue and Spike is yellow. Players will also find clubs, canons and bows with arrows on each of the three eras. The light blue sphere of energy can also land on the play area when weapons generate. Rocco is the antagonist of this title and one of the goals of each spin is to land a weapon on a spin that will decrease his life force.

A Simple Betting System with a Twist

The wagering system for Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots uses a flat betting system without the use of paylines, as no paylines exist in the game. A single wager is good for one play, the same as a more traditional reel-based title with one caveat. Changing the wager resets the progress that is made in defeating Rocco and moving from one era to another; each wager is bookmarked separately and a return to a certain wager amount will place the player back to where they were in the game the last time they made that specific wager. It is for this reason that players may want to plan out a betting strategy and stick to it as continuity in betting is a great idea for this title.

Moving Through the Immersive Gameplay

There are four worlds that Cubee can navigate through and while there is nothing in the game that would be considered bonus content, the fourth world can provide the possibility of a very big win in the same way a bonus round usually does. The first world, or era, is basic and bettors will find clubs in their spins that are used to reduce Rocco’s life force; when enough clubs are found to bring the enemy’s lifeforce to zero, the game moves to the Era of Piracy where canons are now the weapon used to again reduce Rocco’s lifeforce to zero. When that is achieved, the player is sent to the Viking Age where the weapon is a bow and arrow symbol and defeating Rocco results in being sent to the fourth world or stage where players may be rewarded for their determination to reach the last level. Cubeeland is the fourth world and it is a world that Rocco cannot enter for any reason and it is also when players are rewarded with free spins and multipliers based on how many canons and bow and arrow sets were found in the two preceding rounds. As there is no Rocco, there are no weapons to be generated, giving bettors a better chance at a big win during those free spins.

An Entertaining Title that Requires Attention

This is not the type of game that most players will want to use the auto spin option, although the game does provide one. This is a game that can provide entertainment above and beyond just the ability to possibly win money and can be a great game for those who prefer slot titles with multiple and unique bonus features that keep them engaged mentally. Cubee The Travel Adventure Slots may seem a bit strange at first glance but can provide a wagering opportunity that can also provide a mental stimulation that many slot options do not.