Robin in the Woods Slots

Robin In The Woods Slots is a 5-reel, 40-payline slot by Arrow’s Edge about the literary hero Robin Hood, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, Robin Hood. Robin in the Woods boasts multiple bonus features; bettors will find two random jackpots, two bonus games, a scatter, and yet another bonus feature within the free spin scatter.

Sherwood Forest Comes Alive on the Reels

This theme of this game is based on the exploits of the literary legend, Robin Hood, and the higher paying symbols reflect that on the reels. The archer, soldier, chest of gems and a bogh of gold are the higher paying symbols in the game and archery targets shaped like a club, spade, diamond and hearts The arrow, locked chest and young lady symbols are used to trigger the slot’s multiple bonus games, while the wild symbol cannot replace any of the three bonus symbols, it can replace all other symbols on the reels.

Betting For The Rich and The Poor

Robin in the Woods is a fixed 40-payline slot and all paylines must be wagered, but players with smaller bankrolls should note that the minimum wager for this title is still only $0.80. Those who like to make much larger wagers will be pleased to see that the maximum bet is $240, there are slots with higher bet limits but not many. Punters who feel even $0.80 is a little high may want to consider taking the plunge on this game if they have a bankroll that can support that size of a wager; the amount of bonus content and the potentially large payday they can bring may make it worth it for some.

Bettors With A Keen Eye And Steady Hand May Win The Big Payday

As said before there are multiple features that can award some great payouts. The arrow symbols in the first and fifth reels, when combined with the locked chest in reel 3, trigger the Locked Vault Feature that awards a cash prize from the chest after the arrows are shot through it . If the arrows land on reels 1 and 5 without the chest in the third reel, the Bullseye Bonus is activated; three arrows are shot at the reels and the symbols they land on turn sticky for the three respins that are awarded. The Love and Arrows scatter is triggered when three young lady symbols appear on the board. The bettor is given 10 free spins and must choose between two scatter modes. Players can choose the first mode and two or three arrows can randomly be shot onto the reels; the reels they land on are turned into stacked wilds and if two arrows hit symbols in the same reel, a 2X multiplier is added to the stacked wilds. The second choice may award two, three or four arrows at any time during the 10 free spins; they are shot at the reels and the symbols they land on become sticky for the remaining scatter spins. The Target Bonus game can be triggered during the free spins round and gives players a chance to shoot the golden arrow at an archery target; the player is awarded a mini, minor or major prize level, depending on where the arrow lands on the target.

Bonus Features Make Robin In The Woods A Great Choice

A few may find the minimum wager a bit high but the numerous bonus features still make Robin In The Woods a great value play for those who are willing to step up to the challenge. Robin In The Woods scores a bullseye with this reviewer.