Ten Times Wins Slots

While Ten Times Wins Slots has no bonus content and just three reels, online players who overlook this game are doing themselves a disservice. Created by Rival, one of the biggest names in online casino software, Ten Times Wins is not meant to be a history lesson, but a chance to win for players in search of serious slot action. This title may seem archaic on the surface, but when three identical symbols all fall on the same payline, the game’s amazing prize potential becomes clear; after all, most gamblers would be thrilled to encounter a set of reels with a 5,000-coin single line payout.

Bright Lights and Bold Colors

As an online slot, Ten Times Wins has a clean look that the early slot machines in land-based casinos lacked. Despite the fact that early machines would quickly lose visual appeal as they aged, the online versions of traditional games will never need to have a single light bulb changed. When it comes to symbols, players will find cherries, single, double and triple BAR symbols and sevens in blue, green and red. Like most of the old-style machines that it replicates, the lowest paying symbol in Ten Times Wins is a cherry, and there are no playing card icons in the game. The Ten Times symbol acts as both the highest paying symbol in the slot as well as a wild that can multiply a win by 10.

Small Paytables and Big Payouts

The small paytable may look unimpressive at first, but a second glance reveals great potential for a big win. Players can place bets with a coin size as small as $0.01 and as large as $10; they may also wager up three coins per payline, making the max bet come in at $90 per spin. This may seem small to those who like to take very expensive spins of the reels, but the extra spins generated by the small max bet can also bring more big wins to a single session of play.

No Need for a Scatter or Bonus Round

A well designed three reel title does not need what some slot purists call “filler” when they encounter free spins or a bonus game of any kind. Serious slot aficionados know that a title of this kind can bring a big win with every spin of the reels, and with a maximum single-line payout of $50,000, this one fits that description nicely.

A Small Slot With Big Win Potential

While some players will be unimpressed with the fact that Ten Times Wins offers no bonus rounds, scatter symbols or free spins, it’s the perfect choice for players in search of the excitement that comes with a big win; this is especially true for those who have a limited budget or who lack the time to become deeply involved in a game. Simply put, Ten Times Wins is a compact, finely tuned slot that has the potential to hit big on any spin of the reels without having to trigger a free game or bonus round. Check it out for yourself today.