Panda Party Slots

Online casino gamers who are searching for a unique, entertaining title with a fun theme won’t want to miss the excitement on the reels in Panda Party Slots. The 5-reel, 20-payline game offers excellent, theme-appropriate graphics, free spins, various bonus opportunities, and plenty of prize potential. Keep reading to learn more about the exceptional entertainment found in Panda Party Slots.

Hassle-Free Wagering for Real Money Players

Because players have to spend money to win cash in Panda Party Slots, many online casino enthusiasts find themselves wondering about the betting structure available in the game. Coin sizes range between $0.01 and $0.25 per line, and gamblers may wager up to 10 coins on each of the game’s 20 paylines, for a total per spin maximum bet of $50. Regardless the coin size selected or the number of coins wagered per line, players will want to remember to cover all 20 paylines to increase their chances of a winning spin.

Regular and Special Symbols on the Reels

Panda Party Slots is set in a frame that’s lined with bamboo shoots and gorgeous icons, including the Ace through Nine symbols, a Treasure Chest, the Statue, Pandas, Pottery, and several others. While the Treasure Chest is the most valuable regular icon in the game, players will also be excited to see the Pandas; these symbols are integral to the game’s bonus features.

Amazing Prizes in the Panda Party Bonus Feature

Like many other excellent titles, Panda Party Slots offers an exciting bonus round that provides players with the opportunity to cash in on extra prizes in an extremely entertaining way. Read on to learn more about the amazing bonus potential in Panda Party Slots.

  • Three, four, or five free spins symbols anywhere on the reels will result in 1, 5, or 40 free spins, respectively; during the free spins bonus round, wild symbols carry a 5X multiplier that will increase the payouts of the combinations attained in the feature.
  • Players who land an additional three or more free spins symbols in a free game and while the Lucky Lanterns above the play area are green will trigger the Pandamonium Bonus; gamblers can then look forward the free spins symbols turning into jackpot icons and seeing Panda symbols fall from the top game screen, which could increase the rounds multipliers anywhere from 2X to 64X. Online casino gamblers could create an incredible win on the reels during this exciting feature, making Panda Party Slots one title that true gamers will never forget.

Panda Party Offers Exciting Winning Potential

Players who spin the reels in Panda Party Slots may do themselves a favor by sticking with the game a little longer than they normally would; with so many incredible winning opportunities on the reels, it is very possible that even a few extra spins could provide an even bigger win for any bettor who plays. Whether you’re an experienced online casino enthusiast or a novice player, you’ll find that Panda Party Slots is a great destination for those who like multiple facets to their bonus features and those who prefer a bit of a silly twist to their favorite online casino titles.