Midas Touch Slots

Slot games with only three reels are seeing a resurgence in popularity and for good reason; they are great for beginner players, players, those who are looking for a little retro gaming and gamblers who enjoy something a bit more simple than standard five-reel fare. Midas Touch Slots is a great option for all of these players and more; while the game features no bonus content, it has a great max payout and a high 94.67% expected return to player average.

A Fruity Menagerie of Symbols

Midas Touch offers a fruit salad of symbols with pears, oranges, watermelon, grapes, limes, plums and of course cherries.The backstory to the game is that King Midas can no longer eat his beautiful fruit as the fruit becomes inedible when he touches it and it turns to gold. The golden Midas touch symbol is a wild that can replace any symbol and three of these symbols on a single payline pays out the highest prize the game has to offer.

A Three Coin Bet is the Best Option

With only three paylines, this is a game geared more toward those who like to make smaller bets as the largest available coin size is $5, making a max bet of only $45. Coins begin at only $0.01, creating a minimum full bet of only $0.09; this gives players with small bankrolls a chance to extend their gaming sessions. Playing all three paylines at three coins each is the best way to maximize the potential of this game, even if it means having to go with a smaller denomination of coin.

Low Volatility and a Large Max Payout

This is a great game for players who prefer to see many small to moderate wins on a more frequent basis that less wins with higher payouts. Small bettors benefit from this type of game the most but still have a chance at the bigger amounts as well. A max $45 wager can net a player a $10,000 windfall when three Midas Touch symbols appear together on the same payline. While smaller wagers won’t see that kind of payout, they too will see a sizeable win if they find these on a payline.

A Golden Opportunity for a Big Win

Midas Touch Slots is a great addition to the gaming session of players with smaller bankrolls, whether they normally play 3-reel slots or even if they don’t. This is a fun slot with the potential for a big win but also offers gamers many smaller wins during play; this extends play sessions for anyone who spins the reels. Midas Touch Slots is a golden opportunity for all gamblers.