Spooky Family Slots

Spooky Family Slots, created by online slot creator iSoftbet, was obviously inspired by The Addams Family television series and movies; the 5-reel, 20-payline slot title is an entertaining slot title for Halloween or any other time of the year for fans of the television series and movies. Spooky Family contains a triggered bonus, a random bonus game and a paying scatter bonus game. This is a great choice of game for anyone who likes creepy but cartoonish entertainment.

We are Spooky Family Come on Everybody

Slot spinners will see the standard playing card symbols 10 through Ace, the five members of the family, the moon lit house bonus symbol and the skull wild that can replace any symbols with the exception of the house bonus symbol. Mrs. Spooky resembles rocker Pat Benetar so closely that some may find themselves waiting for Hell is Children in the background music; the rest of the family is creepy looking and includes the father, two children and someone probably named Uncle Frankie.

Betting on the Boogie Man

Coin sizes for Spooky Family Slots are small, with a spread of $0.01 and up to $1; bettors who prefer to wager larger amounts can play up to five coins per payline. The game has 20 paylines, giving larger bettors an option at a max wager of $100 per spin; this title can also be a great option for penny players with a minimum wager o $0.20 for all of the game’s 20 paylines. Some of the bigger bettors may blanche at a limit of $100 a spin but the bonus content of Spooky Family is curious enough to give all bettors a reason to give the reels of this title a spin.

Two Bonus Games and a Paying Scatter

The bonus features for Spooky Family are plentiful and give punters a great chance at some serious dough; if the game’s wild symbol lands on the reels of a winless spin, the wilds on the reels will duplicate themselves to give players a winning payline. The Random Bonus game can be awarded at the end of any spinning of the reels and can be worth up to $10,000. The triggered bonus round is won when a player manages to get three of more of the moonlit house bonus symbols to fall anywhere on the reels; players are then given a chance to choose what the family pet will eat for its next meal and receive up to $250,000 for doing so.

Spooky Family a Great Freaky Fix All Year Long

Bettors who like the things in their life to be a little on the dark but humorous side will find this a great slot title to play anytime, The creepy characters and the dark that hangs over the play board give this slot title a foreboding feel that is balanced out by the silliness of the title’s characters. This is a game that does not take its theme seriously and in the process manages to create an experience for slot players to enjoy.