Reactoonz Slots

Reactoons Slots is the follow-up game title for the popular Energoonz Slots by developer Play’n Go. In this title, bettors get an expanded play area of 7x7 symbol tiles versus the Energoonz 5x5 setup. Much like its predecessor, Reactoonz features multiple random bonuses features that include wild symbols, multipliers and five bonus modes that can ratchet up the excitement level and a player’s bankroll.

Expanded Play Area Provides Opportunities

The first thing players notice is the large size of the play area; each of the 7 reels feature 7 symbols. The symbols for Reactoonz are several little creatures of varying shapes that are brightly colored and have a glowing aura. The wild is a ball of energy and appears to full of electricity.

Betting For a Good Reaction

Reactoonz is not a traditional payline slot title and players do not bet by the payline but with a flat betting system with coin sizes varying from $0.20 to $100. Players who prefer to wager larger amounts may be disappointed with such a low max bet for a slot with this much potential but there is more than enough excitement to keep any player entertained and coming back for more.

More Bonus Features Than Most Slot Titles

The large play accommodates the long list of bonus features that Reactoonz designers have put into this title; the three random bonus features and six bonus modes mean that bettors usually don’t have to wait long to see a bonus feature. A spin with no wins may randomly receive four to eight wilds, giving players a second chance to get a winning combination. Two paying clusters that are adjacent to one another, each paying cluster receives a 2X multiplier. Before each spin of the reels, a symbol is chosen at random and if that symbol creates a winning cluster bettors receive two sticky wilds for the next spin. The most exciting bonus content has to be six bonus modes; winning clusters fill meters and when a meter is full, the mode is triggered. Implosion converts three to six symbols to wilds, adjacent symbols are destroyed and new symbols appear and the game pays. Alteration causes smaller valued symbols to morph into another random symbol; Demolition destroys low-paying symbols and replaces them. Incision causes the two diagonals of the play area to become the same symbol and Fluctuation a low-value symbol in a winning combination will receive two random wilds in the play area. When all five modes are triggered simultaneously, Gargatoon mode is initiated; wilds are dropped onto the board as nine 1x1 squares, two 2x2 squares or a single 3x3 grouping.

An Improvement On A Great Game

Players who enjoyed Energoonz will find Reactoonz just as much fun; the expanded play area increases the fun and potential and the bonus modes can trigger at a furious pace. This is a quick moving title that has great payout potential and a title that most bettors will play more than once.