Dragon Siege Slots

Some in the industry consider Bovada Gaming to be one of the best in-house development teams in the online casino community, and the latest game, Dragon Siege Slots, only solidifies that opinion. This 5-reel slot has 20 paylines, a randomly awarded progressive jackpot and a free spin bonus feature that can net a player up to 25 free games with a multiplier that can reach as high as 10x. Like many of the recent titles released by the developer, Dragon Siege Slots is optimized for mobile play on both the Android and iOS platforms.

A Favorite Theme for Many Online Players

There are many online slot titles that are created with a fantasy theme but there are few that stick out from the crowd; Dragon Siege manages this simply by using a clean design that looks excellent on the screens of small mobile devices. The standard playing card configuration symbols are present and bettors will also see Castle, Dragon’s Eye, Horse and the Knight icons. The Bridge and Gate symbols trigger the free game bonus and the Princess is the wild symbol, which can replace any of the icons on the reels except the Bridge and Gate symbols. While this is a theme that can be tricky to create visually, the Bovada team has given Dragon Siege Slots a clean interface and well-developed reel graphics.

A Great Opportunity for Bargain Bettors

Dragon Siege has a maximum coin size of $10, and with a limit of one coin for each of the twenty paylines, this title can leave the biggest bettors a little underwhelmed. Those who prefer to make small wagers, including penny players, can take advantage of the one-cent coin size and make an all-paylines wager for as little as $0.20. Many current and newer slots feature the option to play a penny per payline but can have up to 50 paylines or more, making it difficult to stretch a tight online casino budget. In fact, with only 20 paylines, Dragon Siege allows for a $0.02 wager per spin that is cheaper than a penny wager on a 50-payline machine while creating the potential for a bigger payout on each spin.

Up to 25 Free Games and a Multiplier

The action gets exciting on Dragon Siege when the Bridge and Gate symbols appear on the screen; when the bridge falls on the first reel and the gate appears on the fifth reel, it triggers the bonus round. The player selects a character and receives up to 25 free spins; if the castle or gate icons appear anytime during the free spins round, they increase the bonus multiplier by one. The bonus round multiplier has a maximum cap of only 10x, making massive wins a little bit harder to find. A big win can be found on Dragon Siege in the form of a progressive jackpot that can be randomly awarded at the end of any paid spin.

Making Progress in a Crowded Field

It was once easy for a player to overlook slot titles created by designers within the casino itself because in-house creations were often crudely made or a way for unscrupulous casino owners to make more money. However, Bovada Gaming is leading the change of high-quality slot titles created in house by focusing on mobile play and compatibility with mobile devices. Dragon Siege is a great example of what Bovada is trying to bring to the table as a software developer, and it continues to increase the momentum of the company as it moves forward.