Icy Gems Slots

Icy Gem Slots, a Microgaming slot, has multiple bonus features that are not the usual fare for online casinos patrons but unfortunately the designers of this game chose to sacrifice on the design and background graphics. Icy Gem Slots may be a little lacking in appearance but the bonus features can quickly build excitement with every spin of the reels. That said, this reviewer can only wonder about the finished product if the look of the game had garnered as much attention as the bonus features.

Bland Graphics Hinder the Potential of this Title

It is a shame that the graphics of Icy Gems Slots resemble an elementary school art project; judging a book by its cover is not a good idea but in a crowded field at one of the busiest times of the year for casinos and players, the look of a game is a major factor for bettors. The reels are on a blue background and the symbols are minimal with gems of red, purple, green and diamond, share the reels with an A,K,Q, J, playing card set of symbols. The game logo is the highest paying symbol on the reels and the wild symbol is plain looking but with no scatter or bonus game symbols, the wild can replace any and all symbols to create a win on the reels.

A Recognizable Betting System

A simplified wagering system is almost always a good idea and Icy Gems definitely benefits from controls that are easy to use. Coin sizes range from $0.01 and up to, players can choose to wager one to five coins per payline, making the maximum wager $100 a spin on this game. This title could have benefitted with a gamble option but sadly, there is none.

Super Spins and Symbol Storage Save the Day

It is unfortunate that many bettors may bypass this title due to the graphics and betting system because Icy Gems more than makes up for these shortcomings by giving players a game with such interesting bonus material. This is a collapsing tile game and the winning symbols explode, the remaining tiles slide to the bottom and the missing tiles are replaced at the top of the reels in a random fashion. When a bettor makes a line win, the winning symbol is placed into the Symbol Storage and if the player can succeed in winning three in a row they qualify for the Super Spin feature. If the storage holds three different symbols players are awarded a silver level Super Spin, two types of symbols in storage results in a gold level Super Spin and if all three symbols match, it is a Super Spin with a guaranteed win, the amount of the that win is determined by the amount wagered on the initial wager.

Graphics that Drag Down a Great Title

Even slightly improved graphics would have helped this slot immensely, as the Symbol Storage, Super Spins and collapsing tile features give this slot a large amount of big win potential. Those who can look past the uninspiring graphics could be rewarded with exciting bonus features and gameplay throughout this title. Players looking for potential over presentation may find Icy Gems Slots a great option at their favorite Microgaming casino.