Lucky Easter Slots

Developer Red Tiger is known for creating unique holiday-themed slot titles that begin with the word Lucky, including Lucky Halloween and Lucky Valentine, but Lucky Easter may be the most enjoyable of the three slot mentioned. This 5-reel, 20-payline slot features an Easter Bunny that looks like a South American revolutionary but awards bettors with some really great slot bonuses as they spin the reels of this quirky looking game. Many players will find this an enjoyable spin for the holiday and may find a fat bankroll with a top bonus game multiplier of 800X.

A Unique Band of Easter Characters

The animal characters in this title appear to be more ready and able to blow up bridges and smuggle guns than to give bettors big wins and children baskets of Easter treats. There are many yellow chicks but they are most definitely not soft and fuzzy; the chick with bunny ears cupcake appears to be intoxicated and confused about its species, the hatched chicks look angry or sad and the hatching chick wild symbols, a regular and mega wild, look like angry young chickens. The free spins symbol is an Easter basket with an egg that appears to be recently deceased and two other eggs that appear to have aided each other in making that happen. Easter Bunny symbols are no less unique with a bonus game symbol bunny that seems cynical at best and slightly crazed at worst, while the rabbit that appears to be the leader of this merry little group looks like a vigilante with an ax to grind.

A Treat For All Bettors

Wagering on Lucky Easter 'slots is what players expect from a payline-based wagering system with coin sizes that range from $0.01 to $5, making this a viable option for most online slot spinners. A full bet ranges from $0.20 to $100 for 20 paylines, making this option work for those with bankrolls of many different sizes or those who use strategies that need per-spin bet flexibility.

Colorful Bonus Opportunities Abound

Three Easter Egg bonus symbols result in a multiplier of up to 800X and three Free Spins bonus icons can award large amounts of free spins. the bonus with the most possibilities is the Easter Bunny Bonus that is randomly awarded at the beginning of a spin and can result in one of four things; Easter Reels fills the reels of that spin with only the higher valued symbols, the Mega Wild three by three wild symbol that is dropped on a random spot on the reels, Wild Chicks results in regular wild symbols being populated onto the reels while they are still spinning and the Basket Multiplier can give winning lines on that spin up to a 20X multiplier.

A Great Spring Time Spin

Lucky Easter Slots is now this reviewers favorite Easter slot and possibly favorite holiday slot, as this is a finely tuned piece of entertainment that is geared toward a specific and younger crowd. Younger slot spinners will find the cynicism of this title refreshing from all of the Egyptian and Chinese slots being released online in recent months. Players may want to bring an extra basket for the winnings they may receive when they spin the reels of this hilarious title.