Dr. Acula Slots

Dr. Acula Slots
When the nights turn cold and the leaves begin to change color, both children and adults know that Halloween is just around the corner. One of the biggest attractions of this ghostly season are the slot games that it inspires, including the spectacular Dr. Acula. With reels arranged in a 3x3 configuration and five paylines, this gorgeously designed little game is a fantastic choice for gamblers craving gorgeous graphics and ghoulish gameplay.

Real-Money Wagering and Winning

Players in search of an opportunity to place real wagers and score big wins on the reels of Dr. Acula Slots will be excited to learn that the title offers a rather flexible set of betting parameters; coin sizes in the game range from $0.01 to $5.00 in the 5-payline game. While gamblers can cover every line in Dr. Acula for as little as $0.05 per spin, those who enjoy bigger betting will be excited to learn that they may wager up to three coins per line for a maximum per-spin bet of $75. The convenient wagering options make Rival’s Dr. Acula Slots is the perfect choice for both penny players and high rollers.

Not the Average Castle

The grim, dark and dank basement of the castle holds many secrets on the reels of Dr. Acula Slots, and while it may not be the best place to visit, it certainly holds plenty of prize potential. Gamblers will see symbols depicting syringes, plasma bags and test tubes alongside the sevens, Dr. Acula himself and his dedicated, albeit bloodthirsty, nurse.

Big Wins Deep in the Dungeon

Online casino enthusiasts who are brave enough to venture to Dr. Acula’s dungeon-like basement may score the kind of big wins that will make it worth the trip. Unlike the standard combinations that create payline wins in most slot games, Dr. Acula players will find that multi-symbol wins can occur; for example, gamblers will quickly discover that a syringe, bag of plasma and the test tubes can come together to create payouts on the reels, and those who manage to land three golden sevens across a payline will land themselves one big win.

Winning With the Wild

The wild symbol on the reels in Dr. Acula Slots is depicted by the good doctor himself, and gamblers will find that this icon can substitute for nearly any other symbol needed to generate a win in the game; all paylines completed by Dr. Acula will receive a 2x multiplier, and the symbol also serves as the jackpot icon in the game. Regardless of where he appears or the other symbols on the reels, Dr. Acula may be the key to unfathomable wealth.

Great Gaming Throughout the Year

Players in search of an amazing win at Halloween or any other time of the year will find what they’re looking for when they spin the reels in this stunning game. Get started now for your chance to cash in on huge prizes, creepy thrills and all-around excellent entertainment in ghoulishly fun Dr. Acula Slots.