Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

Developer Betsoft has become a giant in the online casino industry by creating slot titles with innovating gameplay and incredible graphics; with the upcoming release of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Betsoft is reminding the world that it can also revolutionize online casino play. Game developers and others have worried that as the generation currently becoming adults, the Millennials, could be a more difficult group to entice with online play. Having grown up with high-speed internet, smartphones, video game consoles, hundreds of cable television channels and 3D IMAX movies, this is a group that could be a hard sell for online casino gambling. With Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Betsoft has incorporated the role-playing game genre into a betting title that boasts what some consider to be the most advanced graphics ever for an online gambling title.

A Slot Game Like No Other

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra looks nothing like a slot title but instead resembles a role-playing game; the look and feel is similar to computer and console games such as the Tomb Raider and Diablo series of games. Instead of spinning the reels, players must fight their way through the Egyptian-style tombs by shooting and defeating enemies. Betsoft has spared no expense on this title graphically and offers breathtaking cinematics as players shoot and kill the various Bataanta, Scrabblers, undead mummies, scarabs, Shadow Guards, Spirit Guards and Tahawy warriors who roam and protect the tombs. This reviewer sees this title as the first immersive world and experience that online casino patrons will find.

A One of a Kind Betting Experience

With no paylines or reels to wager on, this might have been the biggest hurdle to producing this game; players make wagers by buying bullets that they then use in an attempt to kill the evil that roams the tomb in order to protect the treasure that is hidden deep within. These bullets are treated as spins and a feature can be triggered by the landing spot of the bullet on an enemy or target. Bettors have various coin sizes of $0.01 to $0.25 and each bullet has the cost of the coin size chosen.

Multiplayer Co-Op Play Stresses Teamwork

The multiplayer and co-op features are where this game truly stands out; bettors may choose to go solo but heading into the tombs with some friends or a group that players can find in the lobby of Max Quest. Groups can choose the difficulty of the quests that are rated one to five with one being the easiest and five being the hardest level of quest. Players receive winnings when they kill an enemy; if the group is successful in their quest they are awarded a God Event and the chance to win more cash. Bettors may also receive offers for more powerful weapons during a quest; while this does add to the overall cost of the game, it will also increase the chances of a big payday for the individual or group who are playing.

Betsoft Creates a New Spin in Online Play

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is like no other casino title before and that is exactly what developer Betsoft set out to accomplish when creating this game. Younger players and those with experience playing RPG games will be immediately drawn to this game but other players with no experience with this style of play should consider giving this game a look. There is a reason that multiplayer games are popular, sharing a game with old or new friends creates an environment like no other and online bettors now have the opportunity to experience this for the first time.