Animal Arcade Slots

While absolutely considered a slot, Animal Arcade is about as far from being a traditional slot as possible. Gamblers will quickly see that the game doesn’t follow the conventional structure of reels and paylines that virtually every other slot game adheres to, and the title more closely resembles a mid-’90s carnival game than a slot machine. Simply put, Animal Arcade is completely unique both visually and in terms of gameplay.

Developed by Arrow’s Edge

Founded in 2014 and rapidly distinguishing itself as a successful software provider in the online gambling industry, Arrow’s Edge may have hit one out of the park with Animal Arcade. Featuring a fairly large portfolio for such a young company, players can look forward to cashing in on the fun on both the mobile and desktop platforms. Finally, a quick look at any of the titles brought to life in the Arrow’s Edge studio will convince even the most skeptical gamers that the company has a deep, abiding commitment to excellence.

The Animal Arcade Demo is Live

Checking out the demo version of Animal Arcade is as simple as navigating to the developer’s website and launching the game. Loading quickly on both computers and mobile devices, exploring the slot is quick, easy and a whole lot of fun. Check it out today or read on to learn more about what Animal Arcade has to offer.

Extremely Difficult to Classify

Our regular readers have probably noticed that we like to provide details on how the slots we review are categorized, but that is a bit more difficult in the case of Animal Arcade. For the sake of argument, however, we’ll say that Animal Arcade is a 0-reel, 0-payline video slot. Those wondering exactly what such a game entails will definitely want to check out the details below.

Calling All Mobile Players

Despite the fact that Animal Arcade is available for computer users, it holds a great deal of appeal to gamblers who like to cash in on mobile gaming. Available on both the iOS and Android platforms, Animal Arcade can be played nearly anywhere by users who own a compatible device and have a reliable connection to the internet.

Betting and the Paytable in Animal Arcade

Because Animal Arcade doesn’t follow a conventional approach to paylines, it follows that it also cannot adhere to a typical approach to betting. Instead of selecting a coin size to wager on each of the game’s paylines, players will instead choose how much to wager on each symbol in the game; of course, users will also need to determine whether or not they wish to wager on every symbol since they have the option to select which icons they wish to cover. Clicking or tapping on each symbol below the game board on the screen will set each icon’s bet size, which can range from $0.50 to $10 each; players excluding some of the symbols from the field of play will simply leave those icons at zero. Wagers increase in $0.50 increments.

Like everything else about Animal Arcade, the paytable for the game is totally different than what the average slot player would expect. The game’s rules, special features and payouts are listed, of course, but the paytable describes a slot unlike any other. Animal Arcade prizes are determined largely by the multiplier listed under each symbol on the main screen, so it’s important to pay attention to which symbols are selected in the wagering process.

Animal-Themed and Cleverly Designed

Offering an animal theme that is fairly irrelevant when compared to the title’s creative approach to gameplay, Animal Arcade is designed in soft, pastel colors and features a number of cartoonish depictions of creatures found in zoos and in the wild. Players will find a host of symbols on the game board, including the Elephant, King Cobra, Tiger, Rhino, Gorilla, Hawk, Lion and Panda. Although this type of game doesn’t leave a great deal of room for typical special symbols like scatters or wilds, players will encounter Free Spin and Double Win icons in the game; useful in triggering the game’s extra features, these symbols are further described below.

Perhaps the most important part of the game’s design is how the “reels” spin; instead of rolling along like those reels found in every other slot title, a highlight will move around a game board in a ring, stopping on one of the spaces marked with animals, free spin or double win indicators. Pay attention to the title’s setup to ensure the best-possible gaming experience.

Multipliers, Free Spins and Double WIns

  • While the multipliers in Animal Arcade cannot exactly be considered a bonus round, the paytable lists them under the title’s features, so here we are. Each animal icon in the game is shown across the bottom of the screen and is marked with a multiplier. These multipliers range from a paltry x2 to an incredibly generous x100; many players consider the multiplier values when selecting symbols on which to wager in Animal Arcade.
  • Unlike most other slots, the Free Spin Feature in Animal Arcade doesn’t require players to spin a specific number of scatter symbols to launch the round. Instead, the highlight will move around the game board, occasionally stopping on the Free Spin space; when it does, the player’s bet will be returned and a respin will be granted. The prize value of the free spin will then be determined by the multiplier below the symbol on which the highlight stopped during the free round.
  • The Double Win Feature functions much like the Free Spin Feature, but it offers two respins rather than one after the player’s wager is returned. During Double Win, players will receive their first respin in a clockwise direction while the second will be completed in a counterclockwise direction. Double Win offers two prizes rather than the single prize that is awarded in the Free Spin Feature.

RTP and Game Rating for Animal Arcade

The RTP, or return-to-player, in Animal Arcade is described somewhat differently than it is in other slots, but given the unique structure of the game, this is unsurprising. Gamblers will see a minimum RTP of at least 94.35 percent while the maximum RTP comes in at 94.44 percent; on average, the average RTP in Animal Arcade is 94.39 percent. The popularity rating for Animal Arcade is currently just 1 out of 10, although we anticipate that the number will increase as the title gains additional exposure. That said, Animal Arcade will likely become popular among a select group of players, and those individuals will probably be the gamblers who love innovative, unconventional casino entertainment.

Huge Potential for Big Winners

Animal Arcade’s unique approach to slot play is certainly exciting from an entertainment standpoint, but the fact the game offers such massive multipliers makes it possible for gamblers to take home unbelievably big payouts. Maximizing the bet on every symbol and accounting for the multipliers, players could literally make a fortune on one relatively small wager. Should the game’s highlight stop on the Tiger during a spin on which the player has wagered the top bet of $10, that round alone could result in a cool $1,000 win.

Animal Arcade for Fun and Money

Playing Animal Arcade Slots is a fantastic way to cash in on some truly unique fun, regardless of whether gamblers are in it for a real-money payout or they simply want to experience some seriously high-quality entertainment for free. Check out Animal Arcade for yourself today.