While every cryptocurrency offers users an experience that is far more secure than credit card or bank account transactions, ZCash takes the concept to the next level with its zero-knowledge transaction capabilities. Open source and decentralized, ZCash is the digital currency that makes it possible to shield transactions on the blockchain to better conceal the identity of both the sender and the recipient as well as the amount of the transaction. ZCash is similar to the widely known and used Bitcoin, albeit more secure; the payment method's units are broken away from their blockchain history, ensuring that their value remains the same over time. Users will also be pleased to learn that the concept of ZCash was derived from the minds of advisors, scientists and engineers.

How to use ZCash

Those familiar with the typical ways to use cryptocurrency will be familiar with the idea of a digital wallet. ZCash users may download the official client for the currency or find a third-party wallet that meets their needs. Simply put, ZCash was designed to make online transactions safer, smarter and more secure.

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