Touted as "the future of cryptocurrency," Viacoin has the ability to not only serve as digital payment in a virtual world, but it also offers the speed, convenience and flexibility that users crave. In fact, according to the cryptocurrency's website, transactions are processed up to 25 times faster than Bitcoin. Viacoin users will also be pleased to discover that the security level of the digital currency is a fantastic way to avoid the privacy breaches that often crop up when using traditional methods of payment.

Mining Pools, Wallets and Exchanges

Unlike some cryptocurrencies, Viacoin has multiple mining pools that allow virtually anyone to join, take part in the mining activities that lead to the resolution of blockchains and collect their share of the profits. Common users have a choice of wallets to store their Viacoin; in addition to a couple of third-party wallets, the company provides an official option for both Windows and Mac OSX. Overall, Viacoin offers a high-quality experience for new and veteran users alike.

Viacoin Casinos

  • Lucky Games Casino